Piece of Mind (Patient)

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Piece of Mind (Patient) 作者: Mind Map: Piece of Mind (Patient)

1. Safety

1.1. Organic/Biologic

1.2. Fewer publicized side effects

1.3. Administered by a doctor

2. Trust

2.1. Administered by your doctor

2.2. Organic/Biologic

2.3. Don't worry about missing a dose

3. Convenient

3.1. During your normal appt

3.2. On your schedule

3.3. Done in moments

4. Live your life

4.1. Reduced Risk of Fracture

4.2. Won't deal with esophageal side effects

4.3. Well received by patients

4.4. Don't worry about missing a dose

5. Effective

5.1. Significant reduction in fractures

6. Simple

6.1. Administered by your doctor

6.2. Only twice a year

6.3. No special appt required

6.4. Done in moments