Input and output devices

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Input and output devices 作者: Mind Map: Input and output devices

1. Input

1.1. Mouse

1.1.1. The mouse is associated with the computer as much as any other peripheral device. Even with a touchscreen, most computers still have a mouse as well.

1.1.2. Benefits-The mouse has changed a lot over the decades since its inception. The mouse now can be unconnected from the computer, and use many buttons. This is especially beneficial to students with limited motor skills as they can perform many tasks with only one hand, and using a trackball, they can move the mouse without moving their hand.

1.1.3. Challenges- The mouse needs to be adapted for the individual learner, if they have special needs, there needs to be a special mouse. The unconnected mouse also needs batteries, and can be lost or taken from the classroom (purposely or not), so this can be a concern when budgets are tight.

1.1.4. Application to learning- In the classroom, a computer needs a mouse that can do its job. If a cheap mouse that has only two buttons and is connected to the computer is all that is needed, then it is possible to get a number of them for a low price. If there is a need for better, high-end mice, then the educator and school will have to make the decision. The mouse is useful for any number of tasks, and can be mastered at a young age.

2. Output

2.1. Speaker

2.1.1. The speaker has been around since before the computer, and was not originally used with computers, but it is now as integral to the use of a computer as the mouse.

2.1.2. Benefits- The speaker can be used to aid a student's understanding by giving voice to the lesson and letting them experience more than just words.

2.1.3. Challenges- The speaker can cause problems if there are different lessons going on in the same room. If there is too much sound from other students, the classroom needs to also allow for headphones to allow each student to work without distraction.

2.1.4. Application to learning- In the classroom, the teacher should incorporate sound into lessons whenever possible to facilitate learning. As long as there are headphones when necessary, there should be no problems to having a speaker-aided lesson.