Amish people

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Amish people 作者: Mind Map: Amish people

1. Why?

1.1. Got their property stolen, and they were tortured.

1.2. They immigrated from Europe to America.

1.2.1. In 1810, 1860 and the 1900's

2. Languages

2.1. They mostly speak Pennsylvania Dutch.

2.2. Some of those who migrated in 1850s speak Bernese German

2.3. or a Low Alemannic Alsatian dialect.

3. Religion

3.1. Two key concepts

3.1.1. Their rejection of Hochmut (pride, arrogance, haughtiness)

3.1.2. The high value they place on Demut (humility) and Gelassenheit (calmness, composure, placidity)

4. Info - when, who and how many?

4.1. Was founded 1693

4.2. By Jakob Ammann

4.3. They are now around 290.100 people.

5. Rules

5.1. They are very strict

5.2. Aren't allowed to use electricity

5.3. You get spanked as a child, if you don't do what you're told to do, or are too selfish

6. Song

6.1. They shun electrisity

6.2. getting their own food

6.2.1. Kids and parents, milking and that stuff

6.3. Are nonvoilent and anti rude

6.4. Beard and blak clothes.

6.5. Plain clothes

6.6. "Amish paradise"

6.7. They wake up early

6.8. Work all day

6.9. They have no "luxuries"

6.10. They are very Christian

7. Tikitoki / timeline

7.1. Sara:!date=1525-01-19_19:09:59!

7.2. Maya:!date=1910-08-08_20:14:41!

8. Breaking Amish - season 1

8.1. Episode 1

8.1.1. Barbie A lot of work to do Aren't allowed to date until they go to church 23 (i think) Have a secret box hidden. English stuff is in it. - Clothes, dvd player, and a cellphone Her boyfriend is named Lester Want's to go to New York to see if she can make it in the English's world Hides from other Amish when she's driving in the car with Lester. She's on the way to say that she want's to go to New York Dad called her whore. She was daddies girl. He was her best friend.

8.1.2. Bates Rumspringa You have to be either English or Amish Thrown out by his parents. Lives in the barn now "You feel restricted to being a Amish" Want's to be a actor Many Amish have an small dvd player, and hides it. Very close to his mom

8.1.3. Yonda 29 years Lives with her parents Wake up 3:30 am Have 2 jobs Big secret - like to go tanning Lost his boyfriend six years ago from cancer Haven't done anything in her life by herself. Doesn't have any goals Have been to church, so she may get shunned Really close to his mom - scared his parents may get shunned too

8.1.4. Miriam 26 years old Have a son named Erin - 6 years Had him 2 weeks before she aged 18 or she got pregnant She's shunned The Amish don't allow the women to do construction They should be in the kitchen Likes to work with her hands

8.1.5. Matt Adobted His mother was a prostitute "Work or go hungry" - if you don't work, you go to bed hungry His dad was never home Knows how to play guitar and sing - he likes music. Makes him feel like he's something. Married. His wife is pregnant. He aren't really allowed to work, because he's adobted His wife cheated on him - no sex

9. Ideas for presentation

9.1. Rumspringa

9.2. Rules

9.3. Religion

9.4. Norman day for amish

9.5. Shunning/limits

9.6. Adult babtism

9.7. Different amish societies

9.8. No modern things

9.9. History - Background

9.10. A childhood as Amish/growing up as an Amish

9.11. School and education

9.12. Women rights

9.13. The outside world opinions

10. Growing up as an Amish

10.1. School

10.2. What do they do when they have free time?

10.3. What do they do on an daily basis?

10.4. Links