Earth Issues

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Earth Issues 作者: Mind Map: Earth  Issues

1. Water Pollution

1.1. Many water is getting polluted everyday by many chemicals for exaample trash pollude it.

2. Vanishing Species

2.1. many animals are getting extint they are dying. and is our fault. Most of the animals in Earth are here for something to help us everyday. What are we doing without them?

2.2. How to stop it? Dont let peopel use their skin as clothes, dont let people kill them.

3. Overflowing Landfills

3.1. today there is to much trash and that damage a lot the planet. for example some rivers get damage beacuse trash. the water is no longer clean.

3.2. How to stop it? Recycle is the beat way. put plastic with plastic, paper with paper, cans with cans. Then a factory recycle it so you can use it again.

4. Rain Forest Destruction

4.1. there are less and less forest every day. the people cut the trees not thinking on the animals and not only trees die also animals.

4.2. How to stop it? Stop cutting trees use other materials to do things. also if you cut a tree plant a new one the same day. so the one you cut can be recuperated.

5. Air Pollution

5.1. The air pollution had affected the community , the air smell different because the the vehicles give off fumes, smoke and other gases that pollude the air. the smoke from the cigarattes also damages.

5.2. how to change it? to stop air pollution will be very difficult but fix your cars. for example, in the USA people cannot use their cars if they give off fumes. DONT smoke.

6. Energy Depletion

6.1. Now people use too much energy. for example the ligh is turn on even if you are not using it. that make the Earth weaker. Because one they the energy can come to an end.

6.2. How to stop it? Turn on just the light that you need.