Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Story

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Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Story 作者: Mind Map: Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Story

1. Once upon a time...

1.1. There was a flowing river called the Rio Salado aka Salt River

1.2. It was home to lots of plants and animals

1.3. People moved close to the river because AZ is a desert and we need water

1.4. Soon people moved further away to what is now Tempe, Gilbert, etc...

1.5. They decided to save the water and build a dam

1.6. Without water the trees died and the animals left

1.7. With no more water, trees, or animals the river bed became a dump ground

1.8. The trash grew bigger and bigger and contained tires, trash, cars, appliances, and containers of toxic waste

1.9. The once beautiful flowing river was now the dirtiest zip code in the entire United States

1.10. Some people didn't like being the dirtiest place in the U.S. so they decided to clean it up

1.11. Trash was carried away and thousands of trees were planted

1.12. Now that the trees are back the animals have returned.

1.13. Audubon opened in 2005 and people and school groups come to see the important plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert and appreciate its beauty.

2. When?

2.1. Was a dump for the past 100 years

2.2. Started clean-up 10 years ago

2.3. Audubon opened in 2005

3. What is it?

3.1. Historical

3.2. Informative

4. Why?

4.1. Teach students

4.1.1. Conservation

4.1.2. Positive impacts of humans

4.1.3. Negative impacts of humans

4.1.4. About Rio Salado and Audubon

5. Who is it for?

5.1. Audience is K-12 students who visit Audubon center

6. How?

6.1. Pictures

6.1.1. Hand drawn

6.1.2. Photographs from personal camera Tires in ground Overview of Rio Salado

6.2. Voice narrate

6.3. Sound effects from creative commons

6.3.1. Cheers & Clapping

6.3.2. Water flowing

6.4. Music from creative commons

7. Where?

7.1. 19th Ave to 24th street along river bed