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Apollo 作者: Mind Map: Apollo

1. Daphne

1.1. Independent minded

2. Apollo Ran After Daphne

2.1. Apollo saw Daphne hunting and fell in love

3. Daphne Ran from Apollo

3.1. Daphne just wanted freedom nothing more nothing less

4. Daphne called upon her father

4.1. Daphne eventually knew Apollo was going to catch her and she had lost all hope so she called upon her father for help

5. The Laurel Tree

5.1. Daphne's father turned her into a tree. A Laurel Tree to be exact. Although she had been turned into a tree Apollo still loved her and vowed to keep her healthy and beautiful.

6. The Guitar

6.1. Apollo took a limb from the tree and made the musical instrument the Guitar