Fast Track Curation Success Blueprint

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Fast Track Curation Success Blueprint 作者: Mind Map: Fast Track Curation Success Blueprint

1. 1. Foundation

1.1. Idea (niche or topic)

1.1.1. niche is not always the best approach

1.1.2. something you have some access to content or at least ideas

1.1.3. Create content by recording voice and paying fiverr to transcribe

1.1.4. have someone to create static content pay for content someone in company

1.1.5. Ultimately you want to know about the topic so you can curate intelligently and interestingly.

1.2. Research

1.2.1. Google Keyword Tool short - long tail keywords monthly search volume competition for that keyword export list of keywords select 5-10 long tail keywords for static article titles and category names

1.2.2. Competition in SERPs Alexa Quantcast Backlinkwatch

1.2.3. Availability of News Google Alerts Other sources

1.2.4. Possible products or affiliate offers Clickbank Amazon WSO/FSOs

2. 2. Implementation

2.1. domain name

2.1.1. research - Google keyword tool, see what the name means to Google

2.1.2. research used domains - software is best

2.1.3. try to find high PR used domain with .edu backlinks and other backlinks

2.2. Web Hosting

2.2.1. start with small, upgradable account from a reputable larger company, reason being that their infrastructure is standardized and you have good support.

2.2.2. When you start getting more traffic you can upgrade your bandwidth if necessary.

2.2.3. we recommend standard LAMP - Linux Apache MySql PHP

2.2.4. Self managed dedicated hosting is great too with the right package.

2.3. Platform: Wordpress

2.3.1. standard install

2.3.2. settings: turn off comments, set permalinks to postname, discourage search engines at first, set blog name and tagline

2.3.3. select and configure theme

2.3.4. configure a few plugins link juice keeper spyder spanker Google xml sitemaps auto seo tags

2.3.5. test with Web Dimensions software

2.3.6. Create your keyword based category structure add your static content set up up target blog post page to receive content from Web Dimensions software

2.3.7. create your required pages and contact form

2.3.8. do not attempt to monetize or solicit opt-ins at this point - keep the blog clean, only interesting things for viewers

2.3.9. once the blog is complete, looking good, and ready to receive posts, un-check "discourage search engines" and save, then paste in the large list of ping servers and save them. Then start Google XML sitemaps

2.3.10. Begin daily curation

2.4. Statistics Tracking

2.4.1. Google Analytics

2.4.2. Piwik

2.4.3. Statscounter

2.4.4. Quantcast

2.5. SERPs tracking


2.5.2. Ranktracker

2.5.3. other tracking software / website

2.6. Opt-in FREE Offer

2.6.1. create the list on your Email provider (Aweber) implement opt-in form

3. 4. Promotion

3.1. Social sharing

3.1.1. Twitter Your Network Buy Tweets on fiverr Farm your Twitter network with software

3.1.2. Facebook Personal Fan Page(s) Ads Apps

3.2. Video Marketing - create short videos and syndicate them

3.2.1. Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe, others

3.2.2. create your own backlinks in the video descriptions

3.2.3. Do additional promotion of the videos themselves possible bonus from Han?

3.3. Backlinks

3.3.1. Get backlinks from similar niche - forums, blog comments, etc.

3.3.2. get some edu backlinks

3.3.3. Guest posts

3.3.4. EzineArticles

3.3.5. Press Releases! (this is great)

3.4. Paid Traffic

3.4.1. Adwords

3.4.2. Solo Ads

3.4.3. PPV

3.4.4. Facebook Ads

3.4.5. Other ad networks

4. 3. Curation

4.1. fun and easy with ICC Pro, VIC Pro, VVC Pro

4.2. Recent News Stories

4.3. Existing Websites

4.4. Public Domain Images

4.5. Memes we make ourselves!

4.6. Videos publicly available

4.7. Our own videos!

4.8. Curate a new story each day using curation rules for your keywords, adding your own value

4.9. Promote each new blog post by bookmarking it on facebook and Twitter (easy to do with our software)

4.10. Each new post is also automatically pinged to more than 100 ping servers using our list

5. 6. Monetization

5.1. Email List Building

5.1.1. Opt-in form - FREE Giveaway

5.2. Products offered on site

5.2.1. Adsense

5.2.2. Amazon

5.2.3. Your Own Info Product!

5.2.4. Clickbank

5.2.5. CD Baby

6. 5. Evaluation

6.1. Statistics Tracking

6.2. SERPs Tracking

7. 7. More Evaluation

7.1. Statistics

7.2. Traffic

7.3. SERPs

7.4. Opt-ins

7.5. Sales

8. 8. Curation / Promotion / Evalution / Monetization

8.1. Continue curation daily

8.2. continue promotion daily

8.3. continue evaluation daily