Apollo and Daphne

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Apollo and Daphne 作者: Mind Map: Apollo and Daphne

1. Guitar

1.1. When Daphne transformed into the tree, Apollo promised to care for her and make sure her leaves were healthy and green for eternity. He took a limb from her branch and created a guitar

2. Apollo

2.1. A Greek god of prophecy, music, and healing. He can also be know as the sun god. Son a Zeus and Leda.

2.2. His first love was when he saw the Nymph Daphne hunting in the woods and chased after her.

3. Tree

3.1. While Apollo was chasing Daphne, she became feared to the point where she became still and transformed into a laurel tree.

4. Daphne

4.1. Daphne was a independent-minded, love-hating and marriage-hating. Her parents were Artemis (Diana) and Peneus. Her farther hoped for her to marry and have children, but Daphne only wanted to hunt in the deep forest by herself.

4.2. Apollo's first love, and a Nymph

5. Cupid

5.1. Cupid was known to have possible shoot Apollo with one of his Golden Arrows, and shot Daphne with a Lead Arrow in his advance causing instant love.