Dedicated CS

马上开始. 它是免费的哦
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Dedicated CS 作者: Mind Map: Dedicated CS

1. Service Quality

1.1. Knowledge base

1.1.1. TNT Overview and Internal Policy

1.1.2. Country Differentiation

1.1.3. Customs Regulation

1.1.4. Service and Product Core Service Freight (SPS) Value Added Service Integrated Direct Express (IDE) Merge-in-Transit (MIT)

1.2. Skill

1.2.1. Communication Coordinate with Cross Function Customer Mail Phone Face to Face (Customer Visit) Formal Letter Team Internally

1.2.2. Case Handling PN 24hr & 48hr close rate Service Analysis Problem Reflection SR Quality

1.2.3. Complaint Handling

1.3. Customer Research

1.3.1. Customer Background Sales O-chart Contact Window Detail Demand Internet

1.3.2. Vertical Market A&I High Tech Lifestyle Healthcare