OCI Compute Service

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OCI Compute Service 作者: Mind Map: OCI Compute Service

1. Bare Metal(BM)

1.1. You Manage

1.1.1. Code

1.1.2. App Container

1.1.3. Language Runtime

1.1.4. Operating System

1.1.5. Virtualization

1.2. Direct Hardware Access - customer get full bare metal server.

1.3. Single-tenant server

1.4. Off -Box Virtualization

1.4.1. Separate hardware silicon card

1.4.2. Outside in the server

1.5. Use Case

1.5.1. Workloads that are Performance-intensive Database

1.5.2. Workloads that are not virtualized

1.5.3. Workloads that require a specific hypervisor BYOH

1.5.4. Workloads that require BYO Licensing SQL ExCH

2. Virtual Machines(VMs)

2.1. You Manage

2.1.1. Code

2.1.2. App Container

2.1.3. Language Runtime

2.1.4. Operating System OS Patch management Security configuration Monitoring Application Configuration Scaling to handle variable traffic

2.2. A Hypervisor to virtualize the underlying bare metal server into Smaller VMs

2.3. Multi-Tenant VMs

2.4. VM Compute Instance

2.4.1. Runs the same Hardware as a Bare Metal instances Cloud-optimized hardware firmware software stack network infrastructure First class Vms

2.5. Use Case

2.5.1. Control All aspects of an environment

2.5.2. Deploy a Legacy app running on Win or Linux

2.5.3. Move your applications from on-premises to OCI.

3. Container Engine

3.1. You Manage

3.1.1. Code

3.1.2. App Container

3.2. CRI

3.2.1. Docker

3.2.2. Podman

3.3. Deploy

3.3.1. Manually SSh Pror Simple Easily Con Not Automated No Reproducible Doesn't

3.3.2. Scripting or Config Management Tolls Pro Integrate with existing environments Easily Con Doens't No Scheduling Mechanism

3.3.3. Orchestration System Kubernetes STATE OF ART Pro Con Oracle Kubernetes Enterprise(OKE) Oracle Container Image Registry(OCIR)

3.4. Portable

3.4.1. Any Cloud

3.4.2. Any On-premise

4. Functions

4.1. You Manage

4.1.1. Code

4.2. Serverless

4.2.1. Small unit of compute

4.2.2. Powerful Block

4.2.3. of code that generally

4.2.4. do one simple thing

4.2.5. Lanaguage Java Python Node GO Ruby

4.2.6. Stored Docker Images

4.2.7. Configure Trigger

4.2.8. Code runs only when triggered

4.2.9. Pay for code execution time only

4.2.10. Based FN Platform Open Source

5. Dedicated Virtual Hosts(DVH)

5.1. You Manage

5.1.1. Code

5.1.2. App Container

5.1.3. Language Runtime

5.1.4. Operating System

5.2. Run your VM instances on dedicated bare metal servers.

5.3. Single-Tenant VMs

5.4. Dedicated Full Box

5.5. More Security

6. Instances

6.1. BM

6.2. DVH

6.3. VMs

6.4. Sizes for every workloads

6.4.1. CPU Intel AMD 50% cheaper Price/Performance

6.4.2. RAM

6.4.3. BandWidth

6.5. GPU

6.6. HPC

6.7. RDMA

6.8. Depende OCI Services

6.8.1. Boot Volume(OS Disk)

6.8.2. VCN Virtual Network Interface Card(VNIC) Private IP Public IP

6.8.3. Block Volume(Data disk)

6.9. Scaling

6.9.1. Vertical Scaling Scale-up/Scale-dow New shapes must have the same architecture Downtime is required. The instance must be stopped before resize it.

6.9.2. Autosacling Horizontal Scale Scale Out/Scale in Gold Image Enables large scale deployments os VMs from a single Gold Image with automatic configuration. Use Case HA Match traffic demand Adding or Removing No Extra Cost Pay only per Blck Volume