The story of Apollo & Daphne

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The story of Apollo & Daphne 作者: Mind Map: The story of Apollo & Daphne

1. Peneus

1.1. The father of Daphne, he was also the river god. He wished for Daphne to get married and have kids.

2. Daphne

2.1. An independent-minded, love and marriage-hating huntress. (A follower of Artemis: goddess of the wilderness)

3. Apollo

3.1. Apollo was the son of the allmighty Zeus and the god of music and healing. He also has a twin sister by the name of Aphrodite.

4. How They Met:

4.1. Daphne was in the woods hunting with her hair down, her arms bare and her dress just above the knee when Apollo saw her. He thought she was stunning, the thought of her being with him inflamed him and he started to run after her. Daphne ran. While running Apollo told her not to be frightened, for he loved her, now she was even more scared than before. While running she came across her father's river she went to it and screamed for help. Once she screamed that she became numb, her feet were rooted to the ground and bark covered her entire body. She had transformed into a laurel tree. Apollo sadly watched as she transformed. He went up to the tree and gave it the gift of eternal life.

5. Facts

5.1. 1) It is said that Apollo took a limb from the tree and made a guitar. 2) It is also said that Cupid was the reason behind Apollo's quick love for Daphne, he was also the reason that Daphne rejected his affections.