MEDS Departments

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MEDS Departments создатель Mind Map: MEDS Departments

1. Media

1.1. Social Media

1.1.1. Facebook all content on main FB site national sites shall exist each year new event, NOT fanpage update title and project pics sponsor several posts insta stories promoting hashtags Layout Posts until the end of the year Olga Tina

1.1.2. Instragram

1.1.3. Strategy of Facebook/Instagram/other general schedule for posts content (stick to one topic)

1.1.4. YouTube upload finished videos correct tagging

1.2. Website

1.2.1. establish Byblos page insert Corporate Design text workshops better description of workshops schedule partners team costs map ask Lebanon Jennifer

1.2.2. old MEDS members write something about older projects by the end of MENC correct past workshop texts and content by the end of MENC

1.2.3. contacts update email list with communication

1.2.4. more functionality Blog Vlog

1.2.5. main mission of MEDS

1.2.6. Reviews and Testimonials experiences with MEDS quotes gifs pics super short videos

1.3. Corporate Identity

1.3.1. full set of GENERAL Layouts e-mail poster business cards presentations letter flyer Marta 01.12.17 Facebook title and profile pics

1.3.2. full set of EVENT SPECIFIC Layouts e-mail poster business cards presentations letter flyer Tutor/Participant Package Sponsor Package Marta ask Lebanon

1.3.3. CI Handbook: How to use the Logo, Fonts, Colors Marta

1.4. Publication

1.4.1. Information Packages (prepared before the workshop) Tutor Participant Mates Sponsors

1.4.2. promotion during and after MEDS

1.4.3. texts of old projects

1.4.4. selection of old project pictures

1.4.5. video editing Media Mansion projects review end of the year

1.5. Other

1.5.1. data MEGA Vlad's Harddrive Upload to Cloud Upload to Server? get Media from MEDS GENT (Media Mansion)

2. Finance

2.1. legal/NGO

2.1.1. funds European Funds (Eupa Ersamus + local funds making a list of collecting info extending a list of available grants and funds to participants UN

2.1.2. sponsors get companies as sponsors how to get sponsors longtime for the international organisation

2.1.3. structure figure out organisational structure get professional help

2.1.4. legal officialy make the MEDS a legal NGO

2.2. internal organisation

2.2.1. build department

2.2.2. define our missions

2.2.3. strategy

2.3. sponsors

2.3.1. how to guide for initiatives on getting sponsors

2.3.2. sponsorship booklet what MEDS can offer what attracts sponsors sponsor grades gold silver bronce make dossiers to present to sponsors

2.3.3. support big companies by doing small taks

2.3.4. ask to support us

2.3.5. sponsors product presentation more money

2.3.6. kind of sponsorship corporate sponsors (money, goods, services travel sponsoring media airline tech companies (3D printers, laser cutter) first aid tools

2.4. strategy

2.4.1. get support from the local administration (finance travel expenses)

2.4.2. role of NC's NC's find funding for national teams (e.g. Katie, Kosovo, England

2.4.3. approaching local airline companies

2.4.4. attract big NGOs and Institutions (UN, universites, etc.

2.4.5. wealthy people (individuals

2.4.6. extending a list of available grants and funds to participants

2.4.7. profiles on MEDS members on webpage

2.4.8. certificates should be prepared in advance

2.5. problems

2.5.1. bank account

2.5.2. transfer of bank accounts

2.5.3. transparency trust

3. Workshop

3.1. Project and Mates

3.1.1. projects before project definition of the briefs better description of the projects on website, facebook, instagram organisation during project transportation after project reflective essays from tutors after the workshop for recruiting new tutors in the future evaluate project create archives of (future references)

3.1.2. offer sponsors for tutor package

3.1.3. less workshops but bigger projects

3.1.4. fast feedback to organizers

3.2. Tutors before Workshop

3.2.1. participants want to learn new skills (e.g. technical)

3.2.2. important to know how to organize workshop process

3.2.3. TOOL System being estabilished before the workshop so that anyone can be into it

3.2.4. list of confirmed sponsors that might inspire tutors for a specific project

3.2.5. informative workshop professional tutors specific skills

3.2.6. a project during MEDS that is producing something for MEDS

3.2.7. constants for each project first aid kit rain cover gloves

3.2.8. knowledge of organizing working process

3.2.9. establish communication system during event (host - tutors - mates)

3.2.10. choose the group by the workshop

3.2.11. get to know the group and tutors earlier (communication earlier)

3.2.12. tutors with experience and real skill set

3.2.13. they ask for money

3.3. Tutors during Workshop

3.3.1. knowledge of point on/schedule

3.3.2. good tutor camp

3.3.3. OTS and mates to be independent during workshop not to be committed to daily routine roles

3.4. Materials

3.4.1. all materials in designated areas

3.4.2. communicate tools/material (availability) to tutors before event

3.4.3. smaller groups or suitable amount of tools and tasks for everyone

3.4.4. better preparation have all tools and materials ready have all the tools where they need to be before the workshop

3.4.5. usage good usage needs to be garantueed seperate workshop just one day where all the participants will have opportunity to learn how to use the different tools. videos/introduction for participants about tools & important knowledge about the projects looking for some craftsmen who can show us how to handle tools (projects where you have to build something)

3.4.6. inventory tools committed in one place tools in tools out tool orders lists to be established before workshop including tool and types and quantaties local tool supplier shop is good for having tutor project tab (small items) people based at the toolshed not also committed to the sites at the same time

4. Project Management

5. Communication

5.1. before the workshop

5.1.1. common method of selection

5.1.2. more promotion at universities

5.1.3. search for skills members

5.1.4. recommendations from previous particiants

5.1.5. meet the team

5.1.6. harder selection of participants (e.g. portfolio with cover letter as well

5.1.7. certificates should be prepared in advance

5.1.8. how to promote particpant package

5.1.9. automation and database sign up gmail mailchimps events competitions internships news network

5.1.10. portfolio for available (set a higher standard)

5.2. during the workshop

5.2.1. better communication timetable knowhow

5.3. general

5.3.1. more communication between organisaing team and tutors

5.3.2. working communication system who to ask what? how to contact who? which platform to use? how to avoid spamming?

5.3.3. communication of values and priorities

5.3.4. create MEDS or NC ID

5.3.5. small national teams

5.3.6. more value of time achieving a more complete result and more committment from the participants

5.4. sponsorship

5.4.1. NC's get national sponsorship

5.5. recruiting

5.5.1. more MEDS worldwide

5.5.2. profiles of MEDS member on webpage

5.5.3. showcase professionals from MEDS studios/project

5.5.4. create incentives for people

5.6. after workshop

5.7. MEDS alumni