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Cinematographer создатель Mind Map: Cinematographer

1. Who am I?

1.1. Current Self

1.1.1. Who are you?

1.1.2. Skills I am able to bring now Skilled in usage of still and motion cameras I am a veteran with a devoted interest in storytelling Fluency with Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, and Windows Movie Maker Fluency with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to add Hyperlapse footage into film projects. A "30,000 foot" view of projects and ideas, as well as an "outside the box" perspective. A fresh set of ideas to expand on the industry's audience reach. Time management skills

1.1.3. Why this path? Film is the most influential way to bring storytelling to a mass audience Film entertainment is a $38 Billion industry that is expected to grow to a $50 Billion industry by 2020 proving a constant state of growth

1.2. Future Self

1.2.1. What will I be able to bring in the future I will be learning to use Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Blender Script writing and proofing

1.3. Education

1.3.1. Bachelor's of Arts in Digital Cinematography

1.4. Certifications in application proficiency across multiple platforms

2. Target Audience (Sony Entertainment)

2.1. Main Targets

2.1.1. CEO, Anthony Vinciquerra Involved in organization's direction

2.1.2. Directors Responsible for product approvals into content applications

2.1.3. Managers Responsible for generating products for platform release

2.2. What drew you to this audience?

2.2.1. Sony Entertainment has a vested interest in the greater entertainment industry

2.2.2. With Sony's involvement in Video Games, Movies, and Television, their organization has a link to my big idea.

2.3. What do we have in common?

2.3.1. A desire to bring storytelling and entertainment to the widest audience possible

3. S.T.A.R. Moment

3.1. What is my "wow factor"?

3.1.1. Use advertisement film I already created to represent my skill set

3.1.2. Provide statistics on profitability of my Big Idea

4. My Big Idea

4.1. My big idea to to create films that incorporate the underlying stories within video games and converting them into tangible stories that audiences can enjoy

4.2. Film ideas will reach into multiple genres including, but not limited to: Science Fiction, Drama, Horror, Fiction, and Action/Adventure

5. Beginning

5.1. Introduce myself

5.2. Provide my backround

5.3. Introduce my interest in the industry

5.4. Discussed shared goals between myself and the industry

6. Middle

6.1. Discuss my flexibility and large scale way of thinking

6.2. Discuss potential future of industry and the impacts that I can make within that industry

6.3. Provide statistics on growth potential of the industry

6.3.1. Emphasize on shared goals that will impact the growth potential

6.4. Provide evidence of my abilities through presentation of projects already completed (small clips NOT entire projects) (S.T.A.R. Moment)

7. End

7.1. Discuss what the company and I can do together to grow the industry (My Big Idea)

7.2. Discuss team oriented mentality

7.3. Discuss personal work ethic and devotion to projects