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Multimedia создатель Mind Map: Multimedia

1. using, involving, or encompassing several media (Merriam-Webster).

2. the combined use of several media, as sound and full-motion video in computer applications (Dictionary.com).

3. integration of multiple forms of media. This includes text, graphics, audio, video, etc (TechTerms)



4.1.1. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

4.1.2. Memory

4.1.3. Hard drive

4.1.4. Input device

4.1.5. Display screen

4.1.6. Optical Drive

4.1.7. Network adapter


4.2.1. System software

4.2.2. Application Software

5. Multimedia Elements

5.1. Text

5.2. Image

5.3. Audio

5.4. Video

5.5. Animation

6. Advantages of Multimedia

6.1. People can be creative with multimedia

6.2. It caters all types of learners

6.3. It is cost-effective

6.4. It provides approaches which makes learning more realistic.

6.5. It s very trendy and keeps students and teachers up to date.

7. Disadvantages of Multimedia

7.1. may take away the focus from the lesson due to its attention-grabbing formats.

7.2. Multimedia requires electricity to run, which adds to the cost of its use.

7.3. Creating multimedia requires more time. Requires Mastery

7.4. There is a wide variety of gadget models which arouses incompatibilities of media formats.

8. Challenges in implementations

8.1. Hard to keep students and teachers up to date.

8.2. Authenticity of sources can be questionable.

8.3. Hard to implement to those who live in rural areas

9. The Future

9.1. Holographic technology to interact with students.

9.2. Every student will have their own device to work with.

9.3. Online-learning between teachers and students.