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Communication создатель Mind Map: Communication

1. Social networks

1.1. They are the most used form of communication these days

1.1.1. Advantages You can talk to people from all over the world, faster than other means of communication You can be in contact with relatives who are far

1.1.2. Disadvantages You can give important information to strangers

2. Means of communication

2.1. Phone

2.2. Text message

2.3. Fax

2.4. Computer

2.4.1. Mail

2.4.2. Skype

2.4.3. Blogs

2.5. Letters

2.6. Mass media

3. Most revolutionary invention

3.1. Telephone

3.1.1. Pocket size Easy to carry

3.1.2. Application

3.1.3. Look for imfotmation

3.1.4. Useful, small, practical

4. Non-verbal communication

4.1. Forms of communication

4.1.1. Visual Watching signs, announcements and other things can give you a great message

4.1.2. Sounds By making sounds you can draw the attention of other people, or you can tell them something through these

4.1.3. Music Through a song you can change your mood, with the message you leave, or if your rhythm is fun

4.1.4. Gestures Gestures are the simplest form of non-verbal communication, only with a body movement. you want to say something

4.2. Verbal component is used to communicate information and the non-verbal component to communicate personal states and attitudes.

5. Animal communication

5.1. Methods

5.1.1. Visual Communicate through movements, colors, and their posture

5.1.2. Sounds Produce sounds with a certain message

5.1.3. Chemical Are communicated through stimulus

5.1.4. Tactical In certain species the antennas are rubbed to communicate