Live Stream Domination course

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Live Stream Domination course создатель Mind Map: Live Stream Domination course


1.1. 01. Intro

1.1.1. What it Takes To Grow A Cult Family

1.1.2. Choosing Your Cult Family Members

1.1.3. Choosing the Right Way to Attract the Cult Family

1.1.4. Choosing the right HOME for the family.

1.1.5. Creating Content

1.1.6. The Transport Mechanism to make the most of your content.

1.2. 02. What it takes to grow a loyal tribe.

1.2.1. Setting yourself a goal + a schedule

1.2.2. Your personality You need to OWN the stage.

1.2.3. Charismatic Leader

1.2.4. A NEW idea (Change) - Something unique about you and your broadcasts Something for people to identify as Something for people to be excited about.

1.2.5. FIRST 1000 are the hardest.

1.2.6. Know EVERYTHING about them

1.2.7. HOMEWORK: NAME your family (give them an identity) What's the NEW unique idea you're presenting?

1.3. 03. Choosing and identifying your loyal tribe members

1.3.1. Demographics 25 - 55 Entrepreneurs, who have already started their business. Who do you tend to attract?

1.3.2. Beliefs They believe they can make money online through Social Media

1.3.3. Fears it's gonna take forever Fear of judgment

1.3.4. Pains They feel overwhelmed.

1.3.5. Desires They want to be rich and respected

1.4. 04. Choosing the right way to attract the loyal tribe,

1.4.1. Writing/Images Your own blog Reaching out to contributors Instagram product-based or visual business especially

1.4.2. PODCAST

1.4.3. VIDEO Facebook YouTube Periscope Instagram

1.4.4. The key is WHAT DO YOU LOVE and what does your ideal cult family member loves

1.5. 05. Choosing the right home for the family

1.5.1. Facebook Group PROS - High Engagement Everyone's on Facebook There's a community feel CONS You don't own it.

1.5.2. Email List PROS You own it Long term big ROI CONS Open rates are bad. No community feel, just identity.

1.6. 06.. Creating Content.

1.6.1. Frequency For those who can do daily For those who can't do frequently.

1.6.2. Type "The WOW I didn't know that content" Something new Something that saves/makes time Something that saves/makes money Something that brings convenience The CLOWN content Dear Network Marketers I am a Business Guru Live Stream Dear Social Justice Warriors The Fairysale content How I quit my job through live streaming. How being bullied made me realized I was NOT a bullied child.

1.6.3. The George Carlin Effect LOVE IT OR HATE IT. No money in the middle. If you're making content for fun, sure. But if you're making money for ROI, remember this.

1.6.4. The Content Hamburger Formula Picking THE RIGHT content You can spread it daily, weekly or monthly, depending on what you have the time for.

1.7. 07. The Transport Mechanism for making the most of your content.

1.7.1. Delivery mechanism for making the most of your content. Choose whether you wanna be the FAST CAR or the SLOW car

1.7.2. Quality over Quantity 1 piece of content promote for 30 days rather than 4 content every week.

1.7.3. Quantity over Quality Show up EVERY SINGLE DAY


2.1. 01. Intro

2.2. 02. What it really takes to sell.

2.2.1. How long? It can take years and months. Hence why the beginning is the hardest.

2.2.2. How often? The Rule of 10 You show up 9 times in front of them (consumed) and you offer on the 10th. e.g. I create lots of free videos, send lots of emails and sell at specific times. Not all the time.

2.3. 03. The mindset

2.3.1. Absolute certainty in your product/service

2.3.2. Absolute confidence in YOU

2.3.3. You are lucky to have the opportunity to BUY my product because it will change your life. If you can't tell yourself that, your product isn't good enough YET or you don't have enough proof that it is.

2.3.4. Every single comment/like matters.

2.3.5. Never stop growing and learning.

2.3.6. I don't have competition. I want to collaborate with my competitors.

2.3.7. The Pregnancy Test Sales/Marketing Pregnancy Tests market to women over 18 constantly. Market when you don't need to market

2.4. 04. Powerful Story-telling

2.4.1. The Hero's Journey

2.5. 05. My Guilt Script

2.5.1. If you enjoy this FREE, you will love my paid.

2.6. 06. The Obnoxious Call to Action

2.6.1. Pick ONE THING (email list or Facebook Group)

2.6.2. Go crazy on every content, even in social media bios and photos.

2.6.3. Good call to action v Bad call to action.



3.1. 01. Intro

3.1.1. Repurpose Content

3.1.2. What should you upload where

3.1.3. Collaborate with others

3.1.4. Facebook Ads Video Views

3.1.5. Ask for the follow/share

3.1.6. How can you apply this in your business

3.2. 02. Repurpose live streamns or other content

3.2.1. What is repurposing?

3.2.2. Taking one live stream and uploading it in 5 different places is not repurposing. it's being lazy.

3.2.3. Should you repurpose: It Depends on what you define by repurpose.

3.2.4. Why: Because if ONE person can get value from your message, there's probably another 1000 and 100,000. Don't waste the message. Spread it.

3.2.5. My repurposing on steroids formula I teach my clients Live Stream on any platform. If you have 2 phones, you can go live at the same time. Now take the MOST important points and re-shoot them as a recorded video for Youtube Make sure it's SEO optimized. Send the video to for transcription Pull out some quotes for instagram/facebook. Pull out some 1 min videos for Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

3.2.6. Best way to implement the formula: Hire a Content Manager.

3.2.7. EXCEPTION: Periscope repurposed into Facebook Ad -

3.3. 03. What should you upload where

3.3.1. Always native Why?

3.3.2. On Facebook, post short videos.

3.3.3. On YouTube post your highest quality HD videos and longer form content.

3.3.4. On Periscope, show the raw uncut moments of your life.

3.3.5. On Instagram, share your best images and make sure your feed looks good.

3.3.6. On Insta stories and Facebook Stories - share your life behind the scenes.

3.4. AS LONG AS it's native, that's all that matters.

3.5. 04. Collaborate? Reach out to Influencers with a lot of followers.

3.5.1. Instagram

3.5.2. YouTube

3.5.3. Facebook

3.5.4. Big Facebook pages? create content for theM?

3.5.5. There's only so far you can do on your own.

3.6. 05. Facebook Ads - Video Views ALL

3.6.1. Show a screenshot of how to do it.

3.6.2. Bllueprint Facebook ad

3.7. 06. ASK for the follow and the SHARE

3.7.1. It's not about WHEN or HOW OFTEN

3.7.2. It's about the HOW

3.7.3. SHOW Credibility

3.7.4. SHOW value

3.7.5. Give a reason why they should CARE to follow or share

3.8. 07. What if you wonder how this can be applied in your business with the least amount of effort?

3.8.1. Peri10k

4. Articles/Videos

4.1. Live Stream Structure Cheat sheet

4.2. Live Stream No-Nos

4.3. Live Stream Best Practices