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Pipeline создатель Mind Map: Pipeline

1. Asset Look Development

1.1. Model Publish

1.1.1. Sup Approval Client Approval 3d Lead Approval

1.1.2. Greyscale Turntable into Shotgun

2. Pre-production

2.1. Production Setup

2.1.1. Shot Breakdowns Breakdown of this concept https://docs.google.com/document/d/14ZeHp0KUhSqkRDVEdVNtHtjdezmUZLmqH41SveesegE/edit

2.1.2. Client educated on pipeline and approval processes and dates

2.1.3. Request reference for Asset Look Development

2.2. New artist intoductions

2.2.1. Provided relevant documentation

2.2.2. Scheduled handover by 3D Team Memeber

2.2.3. Comprehensive Training on CE Tools, on CE Library and workflow

2.3. Previs

2.3.1. Sup Approval 3d Lead Approval Provide on-set data to director

3. Shot into pipe

3.1. Camera Tracking Publish

3.1.1. 3d Lead Approval Layout Publish Sup Approval

3.2. Wireframe Render in Shotgun

4. Production Show Setup

4.1. Relevant plates go into correct folders

4.2. Colour grade / neutral grade per plate created and obtained from client / baselight

4.3. All shot information & Lens Information and Shot Length entered in Shotgun

5. Layout Publish Requirements

5.1. Final Camera Approved

5.2. Final Animation Timings and blocking Approved

5.3. Final Composition Approved

5.4. Environment Low Res Approval

5.5. Send playblast to review

6. Animation Publish

6.1. Export Alembics

6.1.1. Send playlasts of Alembics to review

7. FX Publish

7.1. Export Alembics

7.1.1. Send playlasts of Alembics to review

8. Environments Publish

8.1. Export Alembics

8.1.1. Send playlasts of Alembics to review

9. Camera Tracking Publish Requirments

9.1. Camera focal length and film back correct

9.2. Track is sticking

9.3. The tracks set is spacially correct and not cheated/skewed when looking at it from perspective view

9.4. Send playblast to review

10. Lighting Shot Publish

10.1. Send a slap comp to review

11. Ideas for Commercial Pipeline

12. Post Job

12.1. Debrief / deconstruction

13. Sup Approval

13.1. Supervisor - Artistic Direction Approval

14. 3d Lead Approval

14.1. Technical Check

15. Client Approval

15.1. Once the client approves a stage in the pipe, it should ideally not be re-visited or adjusted once the shot has moved down the pipe. The Client needs to educated about the importance of each milestone approval. In addition, tools need to be optimised to allow for quick replacement of single steps in the shot pipeline without breaking subsequent steps - i.e. - replace animation alembic and everything else still works - quick rerender

16. Lighting Prep

16.1. Create and Install Lighting Slap Nuke Script to templates directory

16.2. Create Light Rig for various sequences

16.3. Establish unified AOV and Renderlayer set

16.4. Create Light Rig for Shader Lookdev turntables