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WHAT CAN WE DO? создатель Mind Map: WHAT CAN WE DO?

1. 2- Jewish idea? Ask the politicians didn't engage with MJ... Focus on immigration and the dark history of deportation. ask the 17 politicians to tell the stories of the 17 people who were deported in WW2

1.1. When the Town Went Quiet (book on Tromsø deportations)

1.2. Descrimination against North Norwegians

2. 2- #WhatCanWeDo2. Make working groups. A second meeting with politicians, teachers, social leaders and work again. Make attractive by going on whale safari / etc... dinner

3. First meeting: 28feb @SP

3.1. What are our main goals?

3.1.1. getting the local press involved

3.1.2. getting Tromsø with us influential people trade unions / organisations

3.1.3. Defining the problem global: far-right populism attacking human rights/democracy, immigration, women's rights, LGBT rights, environmental questions MJ visa court case: if there's a campaign focus on personal history of Mohamed Jabaly

3.1.4. popquiz

3.2. elections?

3.3. 3- Getting to know MJ (and other) personal stories from refugees. Inspired by Yalda case. (who stayed after 2 yrs fighting)

3.4. 3- Build on social meeting places, purple dinner, folkekjøkken.

3.5. local- collectively organise, network, campaign, fire debate

3.6. presenting ideas

3.6.1. 2- #NorwegianToo. making a short film, can reach people quickly/widely. what is the common thing that binds us together? what is a norwegian? aftenposten- 1/3 norwegians think immigration threaten norwegian countries? what is a norwegian and if foreigners can fulfill this? interviewing people who hold these opinions about the immigrant threat. and as many people as possible. interview people on your phone/ upload inspired by King's speech show immigrants who actually contribute those things.

3.6.2. 4- talking to people representing the opposition. find a small place where they might be- and bring Mohamed and have a discussion. persuading 2 of these persons would be a good result. invite media. church. connect to local vets (UN soldiers) who were in Gaza 60s. how to tell these stories? meet people face-to-face. Meet opinion leaders? Who are the opinion leaders in Norway. inviting M. to meeting with arbeiderpartei tomorrow. 54 trade unions. 7pm.

3.6.3. 3- Using unions and other organisations, strengthen 1- Legislative/political pressure. organise meetings with all leaders of local/regional parties. convince them to pressure national leaders in their parties. Go to Troms Stortinget reps. Don't let them just criticise each other. also for family of 12 losing their citizenship. Arbeider partei. Keep pushing the petition opprop.net. https://www.opprop.net/gi_regissor_mohamed_jabaly_et_arbeids-_og_oppholdstillatelse

3.6.4. 1- Discussion toolkit: benefits of immigrants. for ordinary people to talk to family members, friends, neighbours, create an image or something to upload to a communal 'wall' online or physically. stories of Norwegian immigrants and descrimination stories of immigrants who contribute positively to economy/society

3.7. 1- Competition for film companies to hire Mohamed. Norwegian film industry behind Mohamed. Unions are 'parthjelp' sitting beside him in court.

3.8. voting

3.8.1. 90938377 VIPPS

3.8.2. publish the UDI letter to MJ to embarrass. letter from Film Directors' Union to UDI

3.9. roles/volunteers

3.10. the way forward- next meeting

3.10.1. FB group-closed / open?

3.10.2. mailing / phone list?

3.11. 2- #SaladBowlCultureHouse. Norwegians are not the same. We are very diverse. Performance. Diversity cultural house. viral. radio/ online TV. outdoor projection (court building?)

3.11.1. foreningen/non-profit that looks at immigrant stories? multikulturellforum Tromsø, integration council, working groups free ads to NGOs on TV Red Cross NOAS- asylum seekers amnesty Tromsø

3.11.2. DiversityHouse. Melting Pot. SaladBowl