Post Production

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Post Production создатель Mind Map: Post Production

1. AS Film Opening Title Sequence

1.1. For the film opening I had to develop my skills on PremeirePro and learn to edit a linear title sequence

1.2. I also had to improve my skills on AfterEffects to create logos and indents to preview before the main title sequence and the film title and relevant credit text appear whilst the sequence was playing

1.3. I was introduced to creating foley sounds and voiceovers for my video and had to upload them from the video drive into PremeirePro

1.4. After we filmed sufficient footage to make into a linear sequence we detected mistakes, this is when I learnt the importance of re shoots and leaving room for them in pre-planned schedules

1.5. I learnt to keep the same appearance for the all three stages of production so that no matter when scenes were shots there would not be any glaring inconsistencies

1.6. I learnt the importance of audience feedback in helping produce the best possible production, feedback from my teacher and classmates gave us specific things to focus on when going for re shoots so that the refined version would be more tailored to our target audience

1.7. I created a website using Wix as promotional synergy material for my film, it was my first experience having to manage two different properties and link them clearly and creatively

1.8. Music was added from the internet to AfterEffects via the video drive. I wanted a poignant, mellow tune and was searching for a sign with soft lyrics, this is when I was made aware of copyright rights so I opted for a free song off of the internet

2. A2 Music Video

2.1. Using my experience from using foley sounds last year i knew that the sound we wanted (the sound of light wind) that it would be better to get this sound off of the internet rather than physically record it. At AS I recrded myself stomping, I was in control of the sound, but wind has to do with nature so we would not be sure if what we would have been recording would have been loud enough and effective enough

2.2. Colour grading was implemented profusely, once again I could not control nature so the lighting was not always ideal when shooting. I fixed this by using saturation and curves in colour grading to achieve the aesthetic that I desired .

2.3. Due to my experience at AS I was much more efficient on both PremierePro and AfterEffects, which helped create the Lexicon name logo at the very beginning of the video and the glitch at the very end

2.4. I knew that a time would come where we would need to re shoot and so I kept my appearance the same for the entirety of production, especially in post production

2.5. AS taught me that audience feedback was imperative so I sought audience feedback and because I was much more assured in future editing sessions and re shoots

2.6. I was editing base tracks at a much bigger magnitude than in the A2 preliminary

3. A2 Ancillary Texts

3.1. (Digipak) I developed skills in Photoshop for the first time, I used effects such as: 'Select and Mask', Drop Shadow and installed fonts to Photoshop to help suit my genre conventions

3.2. (Website) I developed my skills with Wix from last year. This time it was much more personal and I made sure that I put my own personal touch on the website while still adhering to genre conventions. This time around I had to add music and all my links had to lead somewhere that made logical sense

3.3. Audience feedback on my ancillary text guided me on how to correct my texts and target my target audience

4. AS Film Opening Remake

4.1. This was the first time where I had gone offsite to shoot for a production. Once editing I learnt that it is to shoot many of the same takes so that you have a variety of scenes to edit and cut

5. Preliminary Work (AS & A2)

5.1. (AS) I got to experience using PremeirePro and editing a sequence from three screens. Here is where I learnt to match cut

5.2. (A2) As it goes, this would be the first production that i was part of where I wasn't on camera. This meant that I could be much more instrumental in editing developing my skills editing someone else on PremirePro and blogging about it on blogger