Creative Presentation

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Creative Presentation создатель Mind Map: Creative Presentation

1. P l a n t o p i t c h y o u r s e l f t o a f u t u r e e m p l o y e r

1.1. Who is your Target Audience?

1.1.1. The Buzzfeed TV Show? The White Rabbit Project

1.2. What is your True Message/Big Idea?

1.2.1. You need me! lol, Hire Me

1.3. Your Future Self:

1.3.1. What are my skills storytelling,script writing, production

2. Presentation Flow:

2.1. Beginning

2.1.1. Introduce myself, I am a Navy Veteran and it's time for me to stop listening to everyone else and listen to my heart... What if I speak my presentation as a poem? Like a song but read not sung......

2.2. Middle

2.2.1. Present/show my projects

2.3. End

2.3.1. Why I would be an asset to the team?

2.4. What STAR moments will you use?

2.4.1. Be sure to plan the important takeaways for your audience.

2.5. I want to motivate, coach, entertain, manifest and support.



3.1.1. 'In a world where Who the F am I is asked on a daily bases? SIDE NOTE: Im so corny! and I love that about myself