DNA Media/media and communnications

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DNA Media/media and communnications создатель Mind Map: DNA Media/media and communnications

1. on-line Presence

1.1. Social Media

1.1.1. DNA World

1.1.2. Dance-tech.net Created by MBS/independent and supported by DNA and other partnerships Interviews/in partnership with tendu.tv/progressiveIMG/DNAMedia On-line tools for dancers/Misnomer/Martha Graham Company Collaborative editing in partnership DFA/dance-tech.net/Kaltura+DNA Research about process, creation/Dance and tech: Emio Greco/Middeberry/Wesleyan+DNA Choreolab interfacing and programming partnerships withwith Lemurplex anrplex and arvestworksHarves

1.1.3. Other social networks: Facebook and My space

1.1.4. Media Sharing site

1.1.5. User generated content strategies

1.1.6. Broadcast/streaming

1.1.7. New node

1.2. DNA website

1.2.1. integration support

1.2.2. development content management process owners

1.2.3. branding

2. Partnerships

2.1. International

2.1.1. UK Bodu>Dta>Space

2.1.2. The Netherlands Emio Greco/ICKAmsterdam Dance Unlimited (School of New Dance Development) The Waag Society Cinedans STEIM

2.1.3. Brazil Panorama Dance Em Foco

2.1.4. Poland Master Degree in Poland SEminar and perf in festival

2.2. USA

2.2.1. DFA

2.2.2. Lemirplex

2.2.3. Harvestworks

3. Media Production

3.1. previews, reviews, process oriented broadcast

3.2. Performance Capture/Partnership with Tendu.tv

4. Dynamic Communication

4.1. DNA Media as department/on-line strategy/production

4.2. Social networks

4.3. Distributed Presence

4.4. Viral Marketing

4.5. Rich media production

4.6. Marketing as community development

4.7. Managing multiple platforms and audiences

4.8. hybrid approach (User generated, and centralized production)

4.9. Qualitative feedback

4.10. Statistics

4.11. COllaborations and partnerships

4.12. stories creative process

4.13. about dance /process and intelligence

4.14. as a service to the dance community

5. Education

5.1. Topics

5.1.1. Digital technologies for performance Use of performance Technologies (multi-media design, e.g. wearables, gestural control of media. video dance)

5.1.2. Use of online Technologies e-marketing Socisl media video platforms

5.2. Formats

5.2.1. Workshops meet-ups

5.2.2. Meet Ups/Brown Bag/Forums/Show&Tell

5.2.3. Festival/Conference and unconferences

5.3. Lab/multimedia center

5.3.1. Sustainable media Open Source software Portable Affordable

6. Performance/exhibitions

6.1. Video dance cycles

6.2. Dance and Multimedia for live performance

6.3. Live Video performance

6.3.1. Eyewash

6.4. Installations

6.5. Sound performances