Break Free Family Center

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Break Free Family Center создатель Mind Map: Break Free Family Center

1. What are the vision and goals of the agency?

2. How does the agency address equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity?

3. What services/ programs for Ontario students and their families

4. How are services and programs accessed

5. Teaching and counselling people on how to break the cycle of violence, addiction or self-destructive behavior. This services aims help identify the disadvantages of the person or family that has put them into a negative cycle and provide them with the resources and personal tools they need in order to help.

6. The mission of this agency is to provide equitable care and counselling services to all members of the community; youth, the families, offenders and the entire community at large. Their services are to help everyone regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or gender.

7. Because this organization is very general in the demographic they are trying to help there are a large amount of services. Their three main focuses are mental health immediate support and referrals, relationship counselling and alcohol/drug counselling. Some include: Counselling (for individuals, family, grief, trauma, adolescent, anger management), Crisis intervention, anger management, bullying/ suicide intervention,  Addiction counselling (gambling, drugs, alcohol) Currently one service they provide is the treatment on wheels, which is a mobile service that will bring the above mentioned services to areas with high density crime, mental illness, drug use, or suicide rates The other service under way is the house that mothers built, which is a transitional home which will treat and re-integrate young adults into society.

8. Their services can be accessed on the phone (to contact or receive telephone counselling), through email or in person (at their center or using their treatment on wheels service) Phone: 416-241-9191 Fax: 416-241-9195 Toll Free: 1-800-808-6987 Email: [email protected] Hours of Operations: M-F : 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM