Curley`s wife

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Curley`s wife создатель Mind Map: Curley`s wife

1. Carlson thinks she should stay at home, where she belongs

2. She is the only woman on the farm

3. She is called:

3.1. Curley`s wife

3.2. Curley`s girl

3.3. "She"

4. Description:

4.1. Full, rouged lips

4.2. Widespaced eyes, heavily made up

4.3. Her fingernails is red

4.4. Her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like sausages

4.5. She wore a cotton house dress, and red mules

5. Her voice had a nasal, brittle quality

6. Lennie admires her

6.1. George doesn`t want Lennie to fancy her

6.1.1. George calls her a rattrap

6.1.2. George thinks she is going to make a mess

7. People think she shows much

7.1. Whit says "She ain`t concealing nothing"

7.2. Whit says "Seems like she can`t keep away from guys"

8. She likes to talk to someone, and not always stay in the house alone

9. All the guys but Lennie is negative against her

9.1. Candy told her that she was not welcomed

10. She seems very bossy