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DS Home Site ds.lclark.edu создатель Mind Map: DS Home Site ds.lclark.edu

1. Front page

1.1. ds.lclark.edu summary

1.1.1. A public portal to the process and products of digital scholarship at Lewis & Clark, with primary emphasis on our students.

1.2. Sample student/group/initiative sites (4? 6?)

1.2.1. Title with link

1.2.2. Featured image

1.2.3. Summary

1.2.4. RSS feed

1.3. Navigation for multiple users (see Users below)

1.4. LC branding/LiveWhale linking

1.4.1. LiveWhale theme (font/colors)

1.4.2. Top bar Linked LC logo signature [need link from LiveWhale too] Link back to ds.lclark.edu Link to ds.lclark.edu/help/

2. Users

2.1. Casual visitors

2.1.1. What is the DS multisite?

2.1.2. What are some sample sites on ds.lclark.edu?

2.2. Multisite details

2.2.1. I'd like to see a real-time linkable word cloud of ds.lclark.edu content (via Infomous)

2.2.2. I'd like to search public content on ds.lclark.edu

2.2.3. I'd like to see a dropdown list of public group & initiative sites

2.3. LC community (login)

2.3.1. I'd like to see a directory of all sites

2.3.2. I'd like to see a directory of all users

2.3.3. I'd like to get ds.lclark.edu help and submit help requests