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Stereotyping создатель Mind Map: Stereotyping

1. I have learned that:

1.1. Stereotyping is all around, society and the media base their foundation upon it. people are expose to it everywhere, and arent equipped to handle it. With the help of banding together, we can eliminate the hate that is stereotyping.

2. Stereotyping is harmful to the ones doing it

2.1. Assesing people for certain things, and then lumping them into boxes make the brain lazy, and automatically skim the room before the person has time to react.

2.2. While stereotping, the person loses a chance to meet someone that could be beneficial to them, and loses a chances to meet someone new.

3. "Teaching the wrongs at the right times"

3.1. People are being taught to stereotype against certain groups of people since infancy.

3.2. A little child watches a cartoon and already stereotypes the good guys and the bad guys by how the characters look and act.

3.3. Society drills stereotypes into peoples brains, to the point that it becomes second nature.

4. Stereotyping hurts

4.1. When someone is being put in a box because of the way they look, or dress, it creates a sense of hopelessness. That person is at a loss to communicate who they really are to the judgers around them.

4.2. Creating such a threat to people makes a harmful enviroment where people are scared to be themselves. Its threatening to be different, which causes a lot of people to hide who they really are.

5. It can be fixed

5.1. The univeral problem of stereotypes needs to be widely recognized before it can be fixed. Most people dont even realize that it has become such a problem. With awareness, we can work to better the community and take away the boxes.