Complex Project Require the Right information at hand

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Complex Project Require the Right information at hand создатель Mind Map: Complex Project Require  the Right information at hand

1. Operating cost controls mandate more rational it spending

1.1. In order to

1.1.1. Reduce the number of purpose-built systems in their organization and migrate to an integrated core business platform.

2. An increasing number of joint ventures add complexity and risk

2.1. Creates a New legal entity

2.1.1. Must meet specific regulatory compliance requirement and manage its risks, controls and reporting effectively

3. Handover of technical documentation to be efficient.

3.1. Requires

3.1.1. An intensive effort to identify correct versions of engineering drawings, specifications, certifications and inspections reports. After that Transfer that to the owner-operator is a process that often delays commissioning of the facility and adds costs in lost production

4. Internal and external collaboration requires control

4.1. Organizations need

4.1.1. An efficient way to connect various project work groups and track the flow of information between them. When are Spread across different global regions, precise, transparent, auditable trail of document creation, receipt, revision and approval is absolutely necessary to inform the project at hand

5. Growth of unstructured documentation challenges organizations ability to maintain a single point-of-truth.

5.1. Firms need

5.1.1. Intelligent ways to manage, organize and distribute this information throughout the project. Ensuring that The most current version of the document is available at all times.

6. Security of specialized technical documentation and drawings is a growing concern.

6.1. Engineering requires

6.1.1. The complex creation, editing and review of CAD drawings and other technical documentation. In turn Engineers want simple, secure tools for reviewing, revising and annotation.