The Book Thief is Mallory

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The Book Thief is Mallory создатель Mind Map: The Book Thief is Mallory

1. Characters

1.1. Death

1.1.1. Narrtor

1.1.2. my bestfrined

1.1.3. some years are harder than others

1.2. Liesel Meminger

1.2.1. New heavy weight champion

1.3. Werner Meminger

1.3.1. deceased brother

1.4. Rosa Huberman

1.4.1. Mama

1.4.2. person I want to hug

1.5. Hans Huberman

1.5.1. new papa

1.5.2. inexperinced reading teacher

1.5.3. hansi

1.5.4. accordian player

1.6. Frau Heinrich

1.7. Rudy/ the love interest

1.7.1. crazy

1.7.2. best friend

1.8. Hitler

1.8.1. Leader of the Nazi party

1.9. Frau Holtzapel

1.9.1. spitter

1.10. The Gravediggers

1.11. Pfiffikus

1.11.1. cusser

1.12. Tommy Muller

1.12.1. weird twitch kid

1.13. Frau Driller

1.13.1. scray shop owner

1.14. Mr. Alex Steiner

1.14.1. tailor not really a poltical guy just does what he can Rudy's father

1.14.2. Papa

1.15. Paula Meminger Liesel's mother

1.15.1. probaby dead

1.15.2. taken away

1.16. Jesse Owens

1.16.1. Black Olympic runner

1.17. Sister Maria

1.17.1. nun teacher

1.17.2. Watschen giver

1.18. Ludwig Schmeikl

1.18.1. the kid Liesel beat up in the schoolyard

1.18.2. new friend

1.19. Ernst Vogel

1.20. Trudy Hubermann

1.20.1. live in house maid

1.21. Hans Jr. looks like Hans Sr.

1.21.1. disagress with Hans political views

1.22. Wolfgang Edel

1.23. The mayors wife

1.23.1. Ilsa Hermann library owner

1.24. Max

1.24.1. the jew

1.25. Arthur Berg

1.25.1. me fiften year old criminal

1.26. Fritz Himmer

1.26.1. lanky teenager

1.27. Otto Sturm

1.27.1. the boy who tried to save his sister

1.28. Max Vandenberg

1.28.1. my bff jewish fist fighter

1.28.2. basment dweller

1.29. Erik Vandenburg

1.30. Viktor Chemmel

1.30.1. new leader dumb kid

1.31. Walter Kuglar

1.31.1. Max's bff

1.32. The black coated men

1.32.1. monsters

1.33. Rudy's siblings

1.33.1. Kurt

1.34. Reinhold Zucker

1.34.1. dead broken neck

1.35. dark vein blue

1.35.1. breakfest colored

2. Questions/comments

2.1. Why did the book thief keep stealing books instead of just taking the one if any?

2.1.1. She wanted the books she need books to read since there wasn't any in the hubermns house plus some were given to her (i havent read that yet)

2.2. Just saying: Rosa Huberman has a sailor's mouth.

2.2.1. yes

3. setting

3.1. WWII

3.2. Nazi Germany 1939

3.3. train/trainstation

3.4. Himmel Street

3.5. School

3.5.1. BDM Bund Deutscher Madchen

3.6. Unknown town's Graveyard where Werner Lisel's brother was buried

3.7. the streets of Molching

3.8. townsqaure

3.9. the Amper river

3.10. Hitler youth

4. Colors

4.1. White globe

4.1.1. Orange snow Black signature red thick soup Dark Dark Chocalote Metalic grey eyes Dark grey clouds pink bars of light

4.2. The yellow tear

4.3. dark music and a dark tear

4.4. The color of the snow on the roofs

4.5. Furher silver gray

4.6. bleached white morning sky

4.6.1. bleached sky dotted with red throughout the day red sky rung out and bleached again for tommorrow

4.7. sickly yellow of a dying child

4.8. white

4.9. milky white of war

4.10. swamp eyes

4.11. yellow mist and copper clouds

4.12. blonde sun

4.12.1. blue eye sky

4.13. coal colored clouds like black hearts

4.14. cherries of blood

4.14.1. drop sheet white with blood seeping through and dirty footprints in the snow

4.15. coffee stain eyes

4.15.1. charcoal sky

4.16. orange lighting

4.17. Rusted grey eyes

5. Destinations

5.1. Munich

5.1.1. Himmel Street #33

5.2. Huberman's home

5.2.1. Liesel's room

5.3. Hitler's girl scout troup

5.3.1. brown uniforms

5.4. "Soccer Field" the strret

5.5. 100 meter track

5.6. the basement

5.7. School building

5.8. Molching

5.9. mayors house

5.9.1. mayors library Ilsa's library

5.10. Amper River bridge

6. plot

6.1. Liesel will start a very good career in book stealing

6.2. Death will retell the curious story of the colors he sees and the many deaths of the war

6.3. Liesel will be attached to Hans more than Rosa but she is left with Rosa more so Liesel is forced to work with Rosa washing peoples clothes

6.4. Hans is an awesome accordianist and painter who makes a small amount of money which makes Rosa angry with Hans all the time

6.5. Liesel has trouble with school due to her poor upbringing which was probably due to the fact her parents were Communist

6.6. Rosa does the laundry for the rich people around her.

6.6.1. Rosa hates the people and complains about them all day

6.7. Jesse Owen Incident was so well told by Rudy Liesel though she was there

6.8. Papa becomes Liesel's teacher to help her learn more and to get her mind off things

6.9. Lieseil is not stupid no matter what the nun nd Ludwig Schmeikl say

6.10. November 1, 1939 World War II begins

6.11. Liesel is improving in her reading and writing very much

6.12. Liesel is free the walk the town alone to colllect laundry so people won't say no to a little girl

6.13. Liesel is writing a letter to her real Mama

6.14. Liesel steals book from the ashes of the fire

6.15. Max gives Liesel a homemade book for her birthday.

6.16. Rudy's death is reavled

6.17. Rudy needed a win and he got one but he will never ask for a kiss again

6.18. Max falls into a coma probably from hpyopothermia from staying in the basement Liesel decides to read to mak

6.19. The coat men want to take Rudy

6.20. papa Steiner and Papa are drafted as punichmet

6.21. Liesel and Rudy take a long walk

6.22. Micheal returns but robert is dead

6.22.1. Another book is taken along with some cookies

6.23. Papa is an accordian while Liesel writes in Frau Hermann's black book

7. Special Items

7.1. Accordian

7.2. Gravedigger's Handbook

7.3. sandpaper

7.3.1. Paint and brushes

7.3.2. Pencils

7.4. The Shoulder Shrug

7.5. The Lighthouse

7.6. Frauz the dog

7.7. ciagarettes

7.8. Meinkampf

7.9. The Whistler

7.10. The Standover man

7.11. A song in the dark

7.12. The Last Human Stranger

7.13. The black book