How To Freedom When Starting A Business

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How To Freedom When Starting A Business создатель Mind Map: How To Freedom When Starting A Business

1. Fears

1.1. Not knowing what you're doing (Or not being prepared)

1.1.1. Not knowing what you're doing has nothing to do with how awesome or trustable you are

1.2. Not being perfect

1.2.1. Not being perfect has nothing to do with how lovable and beautiful you are

1.3. Not being experienced

1.3.1. You can be a facilitator of experience, you don't have to be the knowledge

1.4. Not being trust worthy (you're afraid if you say the truth you'll be rejected)

1.4.1. Telling the truth about your perceived "weaknessess" usually disarms people and builds trust

1.5. Getting paralyzed by an objection or question

1.5.1. You just, that's a good question, I have no idea.

1.6. I can't serve this person, I'm not enough

1.6.1. You don't have to solve their problem. All you have to do is just listen and care. You can find someone else to solve it after you've sat and listened.

1.7. Annoying people

1.7.1. If you annoy people, just apologize and say "oh I'm sorry If I've bothered you?" And hang up.

1.8. Looking like an imposter (fear of if you don't know something... they will find out and hurt/attack/not trust you?)

1.8.1. Hey, I want to just start with I'm totally new and have no idea what I'm doing, but I know I want to help you.

1.9. Not being successful on a call

1.9.1. If you're present with the person, meeting them exactly where you are at, that is a success.

2. The Ultimate Truth In This Context

2.1. How The Person Responds, Behaves, Or Treats You Has Nothing To Do With You & Everything To Do With Them.

2.1.1. It is your past condition, trauma, and child hood upbringing that gets triggered, and then confuses their behavior with something about "you."

2.1.2. Heal your trauma, and heal your triggers, and you'll start to see this truth.

3. The Question To Create Freedom

3.1. What is the ultimate truth in this situation?