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Marketing Presentation Smart Kitchen Daniel Booker 000334236 создатель Mind Map: Marketing Presentation Smart Kitchen  Daniel Booker  000334236

1. Target Audience

1.1. Restaurants

1.2. Households

1.3. Cafeterias

2. Delivery

2.1. Cost Structure

2.1.1. Cheap(er) Household Unit - $2000

2.1.2. Commercial Unit for Full-scale restaurant applications - $50,000 plus $5000 per year (much cheaper than human resources)

3. Advertising Streams

3.1. Food Network Television

3.2. Food blogs

3.3. Youtube Cooking Channels

4. Evaluation

4.1. Research

4.2. Market Strategy

4.3. Preparation and Analysis

4.4. Professionalism

5. Where to sell

5.1. Box stores like Best Buy, Kitchen Stuff Plus, and Bed Bath and Beyond and their online stores

6. Considerations

6.1. Triple Bottom Line

6.1.1. People: Time saver

6.1.2. Planet: People are more likely to burn their recipe and waste, where as the smart kitchen will be reliable and non-wasteful

6.2. Alliance

6.2.1. Ally with chefs, food bloggers, restaurants to sell their recipes through the smart kitchen

6.3. Differentiation from Moley

6.3.1. Automatically chooses food based on nutritional and health needs

6.3.2. Can be used as a training tool to teach others how to cook

7. Competitors

7.1. Moley Robotic Kitchen

7.2. Regular non-automated kitchen

8. Presentation Tools and Techniques

8.1. Prezi

8.2. Show Video of Moley -Explain how we'll be different or better

8.3. Show Food blogs and youtube food vlogs where we'll advertise