Summer Ministry Pieces

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Summer Ministry Pieces создатель Mind Map: Summer Ministry Pieces

1. Overall Guiding Principles, Goals and Thoughts

1.1. Overal Summer Program Core Values and Goals

1.1.1. Intentional Evangelism - Outward facing in repetition and brand recognition in community via year-over-year similarity

1.1.2. Life-touching-life Community - Focus on relationship building through simple and consistent programs

1.1.3. Committed Discipleship - partnering together in evangelism and fellowship - accountability. we lovingly commit ourselves to helping other believers mature

1.1.4. Communication early communication of summer plans with a booklet of summer ministries. Think of a BYBC that you'll be a part of that fits best for your schedule and location Plan to serve in a few different areas throughout the summer at CITP Explain new things in detail Tips for Church in the Park - has potential to get very big this year.

2. Backyard Bible Club

2.1. Considerations from previous years

2.1.1. Years prior - ROI (output vs return) very few nieghborhood guests as well very few guests brought by GGC kids

2.1.2. 8 week every Tuesday commitment for guests and ministry team is difficult with competing schedules

2.2. Core Values and Goals

2.2.1. Intentional Evangelism - outward facing in individual neighborhoods

2.2.2. Intentional Evangelism - Reach different neighborhoods and people by offering multiple locations and time options throughout the summer

2.2.3. Life-touching-life community - Simplify a program to maximize kid interaction and parent connects before and after group (both with guests and ministry team)

2.3. Plan

2.3.1. Coordinator for all groups: Liesl Counterman

2.3.2. 4 different clubs. One for each of the weeks of plant camp

2.3.3. Tuesday-Friday club + a Saturday Carnival

2.3.4. 3 families partner as ministry team for a week for Prayer, canvassing, running program, showing up at Carnival for relational and mom connect

2.3.5. Target: Smaller club size. Lighter program.

2.3.6. 4+ locations Liberty Park - Liesl House, Beth, ?? Sugarhouse? - Seiber House, Erin Jarrett? Single Girls? NSL - Longoria House, Courtney, Patti Cottonwood - Christy House, Jacque, Siew? Buhr? WVC - Amber?? She already does one each month... SSL?

2.3.7. Plant Camp Helps advertise on Monday night Helps launch on Tuesday morning - face paint, balloons, etc but not involved in runnning majority of event. GGC team of 3 ladies run for the rest of the week

3. MSM

3.1. Considerations from previous years

3.1.1. Maximize momentum with several graduates coming in. - Lilly, Eden, Abbi, Isaiah

3.1.2. Build on last year's summer and current Wednesday Program

3.1.3. Current MSM team dynamics - Josh and Bobbi are having a baby. Annie is in the thick of school. Matt's job schedule is busy at times

3.2. Core Values and Goals

3.2.1. Committed Discipleship - Bible study through a book focusing on gospel-centered living.

3.2.2. Committed Discipleship / Life-touching-life - offer low-program, high-relational connects. KISS

3.2.3. Intentional Evangelism - gospel events with opportunity for immediate interaction and discussion

3.2.4. Intentional Evangelism - encourage parents to include kids as BYBC helpers

3.2.5. Eternally-Minded Stewardship - encourage parents to include kids as BYBC helpers

3.3. Plan

3.3.1. Church in the Park - connect an MSM activity to afterward. (4 simple. 4 large.) Simple - ultimate frisbee, soccer, corn hole/can jam tourney, slurpies at 7-eleven Large - Photo scavenger hunt with plant camp, Gelato downtown, wairhouse, slice of pizza Evangelism + relational

3.3.2. Gospel Growth - 9 week book study through Gospel Centered Life for Teens Discipleship component

3.3.3. Offer Camp Trip?

3.3.4. Camping Trip - 1 night inhouse retreat Nic Higgins speak 2 times Annie and Matt go along as youth staff

3.3.5. An Intern (consistent for the summer) could partner with current MSM team to assist in both Sunday morning and Wednesday night activities.

4. Stroller Club

4.1. Considerations from previous years

4.1.1. Hot. Crazy Hot.

4.1.2. Wasn't great for evangelism last year - maybe cuz of book, time

4.1.3. Could be a good evangelism connect if purpose was clear (good choice of curriculum)

4.1.4. Was great for moms who couldn't do BYBC because of kid age

4.2. Core Values and Goals

4.2.1. Life-touching-life - give moms a place to have sane relationships. rotate babysitters. spiritual friendships

4.2.2. Intentional Evangelism - relational connect around a spiritual theme

4.3. Plan

4.3.1. If Sarah Albright wants to run with it, it could be run seperately of everything else

4.3.2. Will be run and scheduled seperately of other things due to decisions for BYBC.

4.3.3. Plant Campers available for babysitting

4.3.4. Treasuring Christ while Your Hands Are Full

5. Church in the Park

5.1. Considerations from previous years

5.1.1. Unified church effort of outreach event for the summer

5.1.2. Had one week of homeless opportunity

5.1.3. Some safety concerns with parents not watching their children while talking to guests

5.2. Core Values and Goals

5.2.1. Intentional Evangelism - Package deal here: intentional preaching, witnessing, serving and redemptive relationships

5.2.2. Mercy and Compassion - we will freely give food away

5.2.3. Life-touching-life Community - families do evangelism together. kids see parents reaching out while parenting them

5.2.4. Life-touching-life - simple program for maximum relationships

5.2.5. Evident Faith - consistent prayer times for God to do a work - We willingly invest our families, our finances and future because we bank everything on the promises of God.

5.3. Plan (different or tweaked)

5.3.1. Continue majority of plan from last year

5.3.2. Add a safety team - a team of 2-3 individuals that stand on the perimeter to watch kids and reign them in.

5.3.3. Define perimeter of area well.

5.3.4. Communicate (early and often) parent expectations for doing church in the park as a family

5.3.5. Offer a family prayer time - have families signup to come early to pray. Take a prayer walk through the park...then pass out invitations.

5.3.6. Food servers - that distribute food rather than offer a buffet

5.3.7. Interns are intentionally placed into slots on ministry signup sections

5.3.8. Larry has offered to take the food portion (shopping and coordinating menu)

5.3.9. Collect money during a missions offering to cover food cost. Est. $3800 for the summer

5.3.10. Make better use of grill and grillers to have food ready earlier

5.3.11. Invite people to pay (no can outside)

6. Saturday Carnival

6.1. Considerations

6.1.1. Need GGC moms there to talk to other moms

6.1.2. Needs better advertisement for more success

6.1.3. Possibility of doing it in another park?

6.2. Core Values and Goals

6.2.1. Intentional Evangelism - outward facing in Liberty Park

6.2.2. Mercy & Compassion - we will not charge for games or prizes

6.2.3. Intentional Evangelism - Offer a gospel presentation via a booth with an object lesson. Or a game that teaches the gospel

6.2.4. Life-touching-life community - Plant Campers handle setup/tear down so GGC can focus on relationships and connecting with guests

6.3. Plan (different or tweaked)

6.3.1. Continue plan from last year

6.3.2. 4 Saturdays

6.3.3. Give out tickets Plant Campers advertise on Monday night Hit the park 20-30 minutes before opening with invites, balloon animals, face paint.

6.3.4. Offer a special incentive at Saturday Carnival for BYBC work

6.3.5. Moms that team up for BYBC come to Carnival for connections & evangelism

6.3.6. Do research on other parks for another area connect Sugarhouse Park on the week we do a Sugarhouse BYBC... if we do

7. Camp Trip

7.1. Junior and MSM camp trips?

7.1.1. Relationship building

7.1.2. Evangelistic Outreach

7.1.3. Discipleship

7.2. Getting info from PBC

7.2.1. High School Week (11th-12) June 15-19: Jeff Anderson (CO) Teen Week (9-10th) June 22-26: Keith Lewis Junior High Week #1 June 29-July 4: Jon Dalton Wrangler 1 (children): July 6-10 ??? Wrangler 2 (children): July 13-17 ??? Junior High Week #2: July 20-25: Greg Baker Young Adventurer Week (kids boys/girls split): July 27-31 ???

7.3. Intern drive? Josh Longoria has expressed interest

8. Future ideas in the hopper

8.1. Aren't able to implement this year, but don't want to forget

8.2. Summer Wednesday night program for kids

8.3. Skill Camps, Sports Camps, Day Camps instead of BYBC