Romantic Era (c 1820-1900)

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Romantic Era (c 1820-1900) создатель Mind Map: Romantic Era (c 1820-1900)

1. Instruments

1.1. New Key Systems

1.1.1. Woodwind instruments were most affected by this. More keys were added to these types of instruments. The brass had valves added to them. They allowed different noises which therefore allowed different music to be played. This allowed to give more colour to the songs composed.

1.2. New instruments

1.2.1. The contrabasoon, piccolo and bass clarinets were added.

1.2.2. Numerous percussion instruments were added. They were xylophones, different drums, celestes, harps, bells and triangles.

2. Composers

2.1. The composers no longer worked for monarchy. They worked for themselves, middle class people or maybe another middle-class person. The compositions they created were for fun. The aristocracy could not afford music because of the price of warfare.

2.2. Being a composer is usually a part-time job. They had side jobs like being a teacher, music critic, soloists etc.

2.3. Instead of the formal music of the previous era, composers needed to express themselves. They needed to add excitement to their compositions.

3. Elements and themes of compisitions

3.1. Programmatic music: This type of music told stories, ideas, morals etc.

3.2. The romantic times were riddled with war. Theere was a lot of chaos so music with style was needed tro lighten up moods. An example is smiling composers with costumes in portraits.

3.3. Nationilistic music: They were music for certain countries. They could be folk songs or anthems.

3.4. Composers used nature so that they can express their feelings. Stormy days would represent something bad and vice versa.

4. Changes to compositions

4.1. Symphonies of 3-4 movements used to last 15-20 minutes, but in this era, they could last for an hour.

4.2. Oratorios, concertos and chorales became a main feature in this time period.

4.3. The orchestra had many more people in it. Up to 110 people could play in one symphony orchestra.

5. Other :)

5.1. Music would incorporate ghosts and other types of fantasies. Many energetic historical songs are from this era, if not all.

5.2. Romanticism can go way back to the 1700s because romantic music was more entertaining than the formal music of the classical era.

6. Q: Why do you thunk this time period is referred to as the "Romantic Era"?

6.1. A: I think that these times are referred as that because of how there was so much war and the music was a form of entertainment.