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1. Launcher

1.1. compute_operator_norm

1.1.1. computes the operator norm for a linear operator AS on images with size sx, which is the square root of the largest eigenvector of AS*A

1.2. pd_solve_full_svd_coherence

1.2.1. forward-backward splitting algorithm for solving the i-step

1.2.2. displays the i-step image

1.3. reconstruct_launch

1.3.1. transient image reconstruction for one i-step

1.4. show_reconstruction_measured

1.4.1. show reconstructed transient image

2. Gaussian Exponential Model

2.1. extrema

2.1.1. gets the global extrema points from a time series

2.1.2. [XMAX, IMAX, XMIN, IMIN] = EXTREMA (X) returns the global minima and maxima points of the vector X ignoring NaN's

2.1.3. maxima and minima (extrema) are points in the domain of a function at which the function takes a largest value or smallest value, either within a given neighborhood (local extrema) or on the function domain in its entirety (global extrema)

2.2. ls_nonlinear_pos

2.2.1. non-linear gaussian/exponential fitting

2.3. non_linear_gaussian_exponential_independent

2.3.1. non-linear gaussian/exponential fitting with variable positions

2.3.2. u step

2.4. reconstruct_cluster_launch

2.4.1. transient image reconstruction for one i and u step

2.4.2. launcher function for multiple jobs on multiple machines (computationally expensive)


2.5.1. Shell - read/write/start the job


2.6.1. Shell - reset job

3. Gads

3.1. boxdirections

3.1.1. finds search vectors when bound constraints are present

3.2. checkbound

3.2.1. move the initial point within the (valid) bounds

3.3. checkoptions_gads

3.3.1. validates all PATTERNSEARCH options before they are used by solver

3.4. eqconstrnullspace

3.4.1. function that returns the null space of the input matrix A, nDims is the dimensionality of the optimization space

3.5. functionHandleOrCellArray

3.5.1. a function Handle or a cell array starting with a function handle

3.6. funevaluate

3.6.1. takes a vector or matrix X and evaluate FUN at X

3.6.2. if X is a matrix then FUN must return a vector output

3.7. getinitial

3.8. isconverged

3.8.1. checks several conditions of convergence

3.9. isTrialFeasible

3.9.1. checks if X is feasible w.r.t. linear constraints

3.10. logscale

3.10.1. used to determine the scaling factor for mesh

3.11. patternsearch_gads

3.11.1. contrained optimization using pattern search

3.11.2. PATTERNSEARCH attempts to solve problems of the form min F(X) subject to linear and nonlinear constraints

3.12. pfminbnd

3.12.1. finds minimum of a function with bound constraints

3.12.2. solves problems of the form box constraints

3.13. pfmincon

3.13.1. decision making for a switch

3.14. pfminIcon

3.14.1. finds a linearly constrained minimum of a function

3.15. pfminunc

3.15.1. finds unconstrained minimum of a function

3.16. poll

3.16.1. performs the poll step in GPS

3.17. poptimfcnchk

3.17.1. calls objective function 'FUN' and nonlinear constraint

3.18. preProcessLinearConstr

3.18.1. validates dimension of constraint matrices, removes redundancy in them, and finds initial feasible point

3.19. psnextfeasible

3.19.1. finds next feasible iterate among 'sites' in a pattern

3.20. psoptimget_gads

3.20.1. get PATTERNSEARCH OPTIONS parameter value

3.21. psoptimset_gads

3.21.1. create/alter PATTERNSEARCH OPTIONS structure

3.22. reshapeinput

3.22.1. reshape X to match the shape of Xin

3.23. search

3.23.1. implements a generic search step as described in GPS

3.24. stringSet

3.24.1. one of a set of strings

3.25. updateparam

3.25.1. updates the parameters of pattern search for next iteration

4. Patternsearch

4.1. psoptimget_gads

4.1.1. psoptimset_gads

4.2. poptimfcnchk

4.2.1. funevaluate reshapeinput

4.3. checkbound

4.4. preProcessLinearConstr

4.5. eqconstrnullspace

4.6. pfminunc

4.6.1. getinitial

4.6.2. isconverged

4.6.3. search isTrialFeasible

4.6.4. poll ps_next_feasible funevaluate isTrialFeasible boxdirections

4.6.5. updateparam

4.6.6. checkoptions_gads psoptimget_gads psoptimset_gads functionHandleOrCellArray stringSet

4.7. pfminbnd

4.7.1. getinitial

4.7.2. isconverged

4.7.3. search isTrialFeasible

4.7.4. poll ps_next_feasible funevaluate isTrialFeasible boxdirections

4.7.5. updateparam

4.7.6. checkoptions_gads psoptimget_gads psoptimset_gads functionHandleOrCellArray stringSet

4.8. pfminIcon

4.8.1. getinitial

4.8.2. isconverged

4.8.3. search isTrialFeasible

4.8.4. poll ps_next_feasible funevaluate isTrialFeasible boxdirections

4.8.5. updateparam

4.8.6. checkoptions_gads psoptimget_gads psoptimset_gads functionHandleOrCellArray stringSet

4.9. pfmincon

4.9.1. getinitial logscale

4.9.2. checkoptions_gads psoptimget_gads psoptimset_gads functionHandleOrCellArray stringSet

5. reconstruct_cluster_launch

5.1. i-step

5.1.1. pd_solve_full_svd_coherence compute_operator_norm

5.2. u-step

5.2.1. non_linear_gaussian_exponential_independent ls_nonlinear_pos

6. reconstruct_launch

6.1. pd_solve_full_svd_coherence