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Social media analytics создатель Mind Map: Social media analytics

1. Integrations & Engagements

1.1. Monitoring

1.1.1. Several Sources Blogs Other social medium Forums Micro-blogs News sites Facebook Likes Reach of page Individual posts Number of people talking about your page and content Friend of fans Demographics Page views Unique visitors

1.1.2. Global Level Mutiple Language

1.1.3. Real Time

1.1.4. Base on Keyword Monitored Profiles

1.1.5. Have A Inbox All mentions here

1.2. Analytics

1.2.1. Who Age Locate Influence positive neutral negative

1.2.2. What Top Conversations Trends

1.2.3. When Time to post Time to get data

1.2.4. Which Chanel brings me most success

1.3. Measurements

1.3.1. Exposure Likes Page views Unique visitors Post Reach Demographics Age Country Gender Location

1.3.2. Engagement Thee Levels Low Medium High Num of shares Num of clicks/videos/links Num of tags

1.3.3. Influence Quality Tags, Comments Sentiments

1.4. Features

1.4.1. Translation required languge

1.4.2. Automatic sentiment negative positive neutral

1.4.3. Publish new messages multiple social profiles at once.

1.4.4. Report daily, weekly, monthly

1.4.5. Interaction with users directly

1.4.6. Organization workflow

1.4.7. Notify Complaint Positive Most Questions

2. Focusing on ANALYTICS

2.1. Description

2.1.1. Focus: real-time monitoring PR Sales

2.1.2. Oftenly used with type 3 (Integrations & Engagements)

2.1.3. User-friendly with marketing/sales staff

2.1.4. No long historical data

2.1.5. Provide analysis and auto analytics with charts/graphs/visualizations

2.1.6. Answer the 5 questions: WHO? say WHAT? at WHEN? WHERE? WHY it matters?

2.2. Competitors (not ranked)

2.2.1. Radian6 (MarketingCloud) Cả loại 2 và 3 Demo here:

2.2.2. Engagor Cả loại 2 và 3 Demo here:

2.2.3. Brand24 Demo here:

2.2.4. Brandtology Compare with Bz here:

2.2.5. Simply Measured Demo here:

2.3. Features

2.3.1. 4 groups of ANALYTICS (Charts/Graphs/Vis) VOLUME Total mentions on all channels Top channel with the largest share in total mention Mention volume by date and time Which Day with most mentions? Which Time with most mentions? Top platform with the most mentions: Desktop VS Mobile VS Others CONTENT Sentiment Analysis Top mentions with most engagements (likes, shares, comments, retweets, views...) Top links with the most shares Top domains/websites with the most mentions Tagcloud of most used words/keyphrases DEMOGRAPHICS Age Sex Location Language INFLUENCERS Most active users (posted the most mentions) Users with the most followers/friends Users with the most engagements (likes, shares, comments, retweets, favorited...)

2.3.2. Export charts/graphs/vis 1 2 3 4 5

2.3.3. Many types of reports: single channel only, multiple channels, comparions... 5

2.3.4. Compare multiple keywords/terms simultaneously 1 2 3 4 5

3. Providing DATA

3.1. Example sources here:

3.2. Features

3.2.1. Provide data from specific sources (crawlers) Timely extract data Alllow users to identify which, where, when, How to extract data

3.2.2. Prepare data in a certain format (XML,EXCEL,PDF,...) How to provide reports: email, webservice, web-based

3.2.3. Provide relevant data of tracking keywords Remove spam data Sentiment analysics Analytics features

3.2.4. Ranking monitor Provide valuable keyword ranking information Competitor analysis Integration with Google Analytics Visual data

3.3. Competitors

3.3.1. Mozenda Famous in web crawlers Good User Interface, easy to use Demo: Not keyword monitoring

3.3.2. Search keywords on all sources (web, blog, socialnetwork,...) Sentiment analysics

3.3.3. Trackur Monitor multiple keywords Sentiment analytics Influencer analytics No crawlers

3.3.4. GOLA CRAWLER Vietnameses competitors Crawl and store data Not have a public service (have to contact)

3.3.5. Seorankmonitor Keyword Ranking Monitor Integration with Google Analytics

4. Plan

4.1. Goals

4.1.1. Goal 1

4.1.2. Goal 2

4.2. Rules

4.2.1. Session Rule 1

4.2.2. Session Rule 2

4.3. Define Problems

4.4. Capture Ideas

4.5. Prioritize Ideas

4.6. Define Action Points

5. Ideas

5.1. Idea 1

5.1.1. Sub Idea 1

5.1.2. Sub Idea 2

5.2. Idea 2

5.3. Idea 3

5.4. Idea 4

6. Prioritize Ideas

6.1. High Priority

6.2. Medium Priority

6.3. Low Priority

7. Product type REFERENCE HERE: