The “Rapid Listbuilding For Hypergrowth” Webinar

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The “Rapid Listbuilding For Hypergrowth” Webinar создатель Mind Map: The “Rapid Listbuilding For Hypergrowth” Webinar

1. Tweak #1: Optimize Your 404 Pages

1.1. Example

1.2. How To Do It

1.3. test

2. Tweak #3: Don’t Squander Your Thank You Pages

2.1. The Path To Your Thank You Page (i.e. What Most People Do

2.1.1. Among billions of web pages, someone finds you via SEO, PPC, word of mouth, social media, or a link (lucky you)

2.1.2. They’re one of the few people who find your site interesting, and like it enough to want more

2.1.3. They enter their email address and decide to be one of the 10% or so who opts-in

2.1.4. And then you send them to a stupid thank you page that ends the conversation immediately

2.2. What To Do On Your Thank You Page

2.2.1. Get people to like you on Facebook

2.2.2. Send them to your sales page

2.2.3. Example #1 Example #1 Step 1: Watch This Video Step 2: Like Us On Facebook Step 3: Register For Our Webinar

2.2.4. Example #2 Example #2 Thanks for signing up! Everything we promised you will be sent to your inbox shortly. While you wait for your materials to arrive via email, we recommend you to click continue below to learn more about LeadPages™ and what it can do for your business. Opt-In Page Then Thank You Page Then Sales Page

3. Tip #5: Create A Resource Guide Landing Page

3.1. Example Opt-In Page

3.2. Example Report

3.3. Why This Is The Best-Performing Landing Page We’ve Ever Used

3.3.1. It’s doesn’t require someone to process too much information (like a 3 minute video or a page of copy) in order to make a decision

3.3.2. Everyone wants to know the tools that you're using

3.3.3. It outperforms a free report because a lot of folks are experiencing info overload and don’t want something else to read

3.4. Why This Is The Best-Performing Landing Page We’ve Ever Used (Part 2)

3.4.1. It outperforms video bribes because the perceived value of video bribes has gone down a lot recently due to the proliferation of launches and lack of time

3.4.2. It outperforms opt-ins for free coaching sessions (greater value does not equal higher conversion rate... what’s more valuable than your time?)

3.4.3. The time to benefit ratio is high

3.5. You Can Create One Of These In Minutes

3.5.1. If you’re a real estate agent: “Resource Guide: The Top 5 Safest Credit-Boosting Home Loans Of This Year”

3.5.2. If you’re a dentist “Buyers Guide: The Top 5 Electric Toothbrushes Of This Year (Including The One That I Use)”

3.5.3. If you’re a life coach: “App Guide: The Top 4 iPhone Apps For Increasing Your Productivity (Including The One That I Use Every Day)”

3.5.4. If you’re a marketing agency: “The Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools For Local Businesses (Hint: The 3 Best Ones Are Free)”

3.5.5. Fitness experts: “The Only 3 Pieces Of Exercise Equipment You Need In Your Home (Hint: They All Weigh Less Than 5 Pounds)”

3.6. Why You Should Create A “Resource Guide Squeeze Page”

3.6.1. It takes minutes to setup

3.6.2. Doesn't take that much time to create the copy

3.6.3. Converts higher than long form opt-in pages that require someone to read a lot of text and watch a video

3.6.4. Converts higher than anything we've seen

3.6.5. You can create the bribe in less than an hour... with Microsoft word. Save to a PDF

4. Tip #6: Give Something Away With Every Blog Post

4.1. Easy setup with LeadPages's "Digital Asset Delivery" System

4.2. What You Can Give Away

4.2.1. Checklists (PDF)

4.2.2. PDF versions of your blog posts

4.2.3. Worksheets

4.2.4. Recipes

4.2.5. Resources Guides

4.2.6. Etc.

5. Tip #4: Use Podcasts To Grow Your List

5.1. Incentivize Reviews

5.2. Incentivize Subscriptions

5.3. Example

6. Tip #2: Start Doing Webinars

6.1. Why Webinars?

6.1.1. Webinars have grown our business more than anything we’ve ever done (in terms of event based marketing)

6.1.2. The majority of highly-paid coaches, consulting, software companies, mediapreneurs, and infoproduct publishers use webinars

6.2. But Let’s Forget About Sales For A Second . . . Webinars Build Your List FAST

6.2.1. Webinar registration pages are among the highest converting pages in LeadPages when it comes to opt-in rate

6.3. Things That Work

6.3.1. Two-step opt-in processes

6.3.2. Blurred out mindmaps

6.4. Example #1

6.5. Example #2

7. Tip #7: Use Magic Buy Buttons

7.1. Why This Works

7.1.1. “‘Magic’ Buy Buttons–When it comes to variables that whisper, rarely do you find one that DOUBLES conversions, but the magic buy button does. When the order button isn’t visible when the prospect first arrives, your video sales page looks like regular content... not a sales page.

7.1.2. When your video sales letter reaches its call to action, shazam! Your buy button magically appears. But prospects have kept an open mind throughout your video.”

7.1.3. Digital Marketer Labs

7.2. Only show the "add to cart" button when you're reached your call to action in the sales video

7.2.1. Example