Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies создатель Mind Map: Lord of the Flies

1. 'The little 'uns were no longer quiet'

2. Roger

2.1. Only person to kill someone/thing by himself

2.1.1. 'Roger's arm was conditioned by a civilisation that knew nothing of him and was in ruins'

2.1.2. 'Roger gathered a handful of stones'

2.2. Like Jack but with no boundaries on what is right/wrong

2.3. Throwing stones at Henry

2.3.1. Golding might use this to foreshadowing the throwing of the boulder at Piggy

2.3.2. 'Old taboo of life' Shows how strong their values are Still remain even when caught up in the breaking down of society on the island.

2.4. Both him and Jack challenge Ralph to go ahead whilst trying to find the beast

2.4.1. Both Roger and Jack get scared by the beast

2.4.2. 'Green ape like creature'

2.5. Follows Jack's every move

2.5.1. Loyal to Jack and Jack only ''He is a proper Chief' [Referring to Jack]

2.6. Death of Piggy

2.6.1. Golding may do this to show the point of no return to which the boys intentionally kill someone

3. Jack

3.1. Leader of the choir

3.2. 'Jack was tall, thin and bony'

3.2.1. Gives off negative image of Jack right from Chapter 1

3.3. 'Next time, there will be no mercy'

3.3.1. Perhaps foreshadowing later on with the killing of the pig '[Jack] tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that was swallowing him up' 'Swallowing' suggests that he cannot control what it was doing to him and what was going to happen

3.3.2. 'From the pig run came the quick, hard, platter of hoofs, a castanet sound, seductive, maddening the promise of meat' The use of 'platter', usually described for vast amounts of food, is used effectively here by Golding to show the boys' want for food Also highlighted by how the pig is described by 'seductive'

3.3.3. True devotion to the killing of the pig after he fails for the first time 'There were lashings of blood' said Jack, laughing and shuddering, 'You should have seen it!' Jack becoming ever more blood thirsty and getting the adrenaline of killing 'Kill the pig. Cut here throat. Spill her blood!'

3.4. 'There was something dark... Fumbling along... The creature was a party of boys, marching approximately in two parallel lines.'

3.4.1. 'Dark' instantly gives the reader a sense of evil from Jack and his choir boys

3.4.2. 'Marching' suggests military Golding may have done this to foreshadow how his choirs start off as the 'hunters'

3.4.3. Jack makes the boys have face paint on Makes the boys less individual, almost a uniform Relates back to the theme of Military Golding starts to refer to the Hunters as individuals but as the group of hunters

3.5. Let's the signal fire go out

3.5.1. Lack of resonsibility Not good leadership qualities? Misuses power to punish the boys randomly

3.6. Makes the Little 'Uns link that there is actually a physical beast rather than a metaphorical one

3.7. 'You're a beast and a swine and a bloody, bloody thief!'

3.7.1. Use of Swine? Referencing later on to the pig?

3.8. Antagonist

3.9. Historical links

3.9.1. Dictator-esque Hitler? Division of West/East Germany Once Democracy is gone it can never be repaired

4. Piggy

4.1. Cares for others and democracy

4.1.1. 'The little 'un with the mark on his face.'

4.2. Fat, ugly hated by the other boys

4.2.1. 'I got the conch! I have the right to speak'. They looked at him with eyes of disinterest Could either be either just because nobody likes Piggy, or that they do not like abiding by the rules of society

4.2.2. "We mustn't let anything happen to Piggy' - Jack sarcastically

4.3. Not a good hunter, nor does he help with building shelter

4.3.1. Perhaps boys disrespect him because he isn't much use

4.4. Asthmatic

5. Ralph

5.1. Protagonist

5.2. Athletic

5.3. Charasmatic

5.3.1. 'I'll tell you there isn't a beast' Doesn't want to scare the younger children

5.4. Elected Leader

5.4.1. 'I'm chief. I was chosen' When Jack is trying to overthrow Ralph's power so he can become leader 'Hands up' said Jack Strongly 'Whoever wants Ralph not to be chief Trying to create an Uprising against Ralph's leadership

5.5. Good vs Evil

5.5.1. Savagery?

5.5.2. Breakdown of order Civilisation too?

5.5.3. Get's excited at the killing Show's that Ralph is not perfectly good Has a dark side to him

5.5.4. Helps kill Simon too Not able to tell if it was Simon or not 'That was murder'

5.6. Against the killing of the pig

5.6.1. Thinks they can survive on what they have already

5.6.2. Golding might use this to perhaps see that Ralph could see what the killing of the pig might do to the boys

5.7. Efficient and hardworking

5.7.1. Feels everyone should pull their own weight 'We want smoke. And you go wasting your time. You roll rock.' Same rock that kills Piggy

6. Symbolism

6.1. The Conch

6.1.1. Democracy 'I bet if I blew this conch this minute, they'd come running' 'Ralph held up the shell up instead and showed it to them and they understood' Even after the breakdown started to happen, they still recognise Ralph as their leader

6.1.2. Society determined to crash and fall 'We don't need the conch any more. We know who ought to say things' Early signs of a breaking away from civilisation

6.1.3. Order & civilisation

6.1.4. Destroying of the conch Show the point of no return Boys cannot revert to regular society Boys have become full savages 'The conch exploded into a thousand white pieces and ceased to exist' 'Ceased to exist': Golding may have used this language because it makes it sound as though there was ever any democracy there and any remnants of it are gone. Perhaps he used the 'a thousand pieces' to demonstrate that it could not be recovered and could not be fixed

6.2. The 'beast'

6.2.1. The beast is within all humans Metaphorical

6.2.2. Comes from the water Golding might use to create the image that the 'beast' is all around them and they can't escape from it Relating back to how the 'beast' is inside everyone

6.2.3. Dead Parachutist from the air battle 'It was furry' Dehumanised despite it being a parachute 'Teeth... Claws..' Filling in the gaps when they have no idea

6.3. Piggy's glasses

6.3.1. Technology Misuse of technology 'His specs - Use them as burning glasses' - Jack 'One sides broken' [Referring to Piggy's glasses]

7. Simon

7.1. Helps the Littuns'

7.2. Only truly innocent character

7.3. Gets the food the Littleuns' can't reach

7.4. Only one to talk to 'The Lord of the flies'

7.5. Finds out that the beast is just not real

7.6. Neutral - Doesn't join anybody's group specifically

7.7. Spends time marveling at nature of the island

7.8. Innate goodness

7.8.1. Symbolism of spiritual human goodness

7.8.2. Nature vs Nurture

7.9. Nobody listens to him

7.9.1. 'Simon's effort fell about him in ruins; the laughter beat him cruelly and he shrank away defenseless' Others think Simon's ideas are crazy and stupid and should not be allowed Symbolises Jesus?

7.10. 'Simon found he was looking into a vast mouth. There was blackness within'

7.10.1. 'Blackness' suggests nothing good and everything negative