Mindset Things To Keep In Mind

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Mindset Things To Keep In Mind создатель Mind Map: Mindset Things To Keep In Mind

1. Mindset on having confidence

1.1. Be willing to look foolish temporarily

1.2. Suspending disbelief

1.3. Feeling the sting of failure

1.4. Michael Jordan commercial

1.5. Whatever is happening in the moment, is not a reflection of who you are as a person

1.6. What's happening is the moment, and the moment is temporary... but your going to think im a failure, i screwed up... AND THAT IS NOT YOU

2. The 4 levels of learning

2.1. Step 1 Unconscious incompetence

2.1.1. Ignorance is bliss here

2.2. Step 2 Conscious incompetence

2.2.1. When you know you suck, this is painful, it's just a stage to keep barreling through.

2.3. Step 3 Conscious competence

2.3.1. This is when things start to feel good.

2.4. Step 4 Unconscious competence

2.4.1. When you don't even know how good you are and forget how challenging it is for others

3. You will go through each of these 4 phases every month at The Foundation

4. An employee/freelancer vs entrepreneur

4.1. When you make the move to entrepreneur, you can't look at this new world with employee glasses, you have to try on a new set of glasses even if what you see doesn't make sense

4.2. emotional spectrum

4.2.1. no emotion is bad - every is emotion is VALID

4.2.2. It's not wrong to feel bad, it's ok

4.3. certainty vs uncertainty

4.3.1. the quality of your life is directly proportional to the level of uncertainty you can comfortably live with

4.3.2. I was irrationally uncertain when i did paperlesspipeline

4.3.3. When you start with questions, you end with certainty, when you start with certainty, you end with questions

4.4. Mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when switching

4.5. Having the answers vs not having the answers

4.5.1. One sits with questions, the other panics when an answer is not known

4.6. Entrepreneur: Creating value once that can continue to work without us

4.7. Employee: Being the value and when you stop, the value stops

5. General mindset

5.1. Managing time and energy

5.1.1. First hour most uncomfortable thing each day willpower gets depleted

5.1.2. Cookie's and radish's

5.1.3. Not making things a decision, making them a must

5.1.4. Start with WHY

5.1.5. Learn to manage yourself... not your time.

5.1.6. Resistance... first 30 days of the paleo diet... first 30 days suck ass when you start a new habit

5.1.7. types of activities - level 1/2/3/4 Level 4 - Bad for you, and feel bad Level 3 - bad for you, and feels good Level 2 - good for you, and feel bad Level 1 - good for you, and feel good

5.1.8. focus on one and make it unconscious

5.1.9. Avoidance - being aware of if you are doing this to avoid doing what you're afraid of

5.1.10. Pro-active vs Reactively

5.2. Staying focused over the long term

5.2.1. Deep burning reason why

5.2.2. reflecting on when, why, and how you screwed up don't get stuck in a circle

5.2.3. Being open and honest about where you are always at - and connecting with the community

5.2.4. Having gratitude for where you've come from

5.3. Balancing action and planning

5.3.1. Take action first

5.3.2. Planning is an avoidance

5.4. Emotional awareness

5.4.1. Feeling uncertainty

5.4.2. Clinging to an outcome

5.4.3. Fear, grief, and anxiety

5.4.4. Stomach/Chest/Throat/Head

5.4.5. Sharing it.

5.5. Where mindset has caused failure in the past foundation

5.5.1. Avoidance

5.5.2. Not feeling as good or talented as other members

5.5.3. Fearing success, when you get close, you switch or stop

5.5.4. Fearing failure, you don't ever get started on the first phone call

5.5.5. Comparison when you compare you lose sight of your why

5.5.6. Being terrified about being annoying

5.5.7. Not making a point to become aware of your limiting beliefs... and reversing them The most important work to do

5.5.8. Saying thank you for sharing.

5.6. Viewing your relationship with your customers and employees

5.6.1. what is the identity you want to be? Do you want to be cold caller? Do you want to be passionate about being a problem solver?

5.7. Failure

5.7.1. Getting pooped on

5.7.2. Failure is temporary

5.7.3. We celebrate failure Who can be the one who fails most each day/week/month? They get 1 on 1 with me

5.7.4. Message board thread just for failure

5.8. Success

5.8.1. Comes from taking action

5.8.2. Failing

5.8.3. Success is temporary as well

5.8.4. Getting feedback from yourself through reflection, then through peers

5.8.5. Taking action again

5.8.6. On a day to day basis, don't be pursuing failure or success... be pursuing progress.

5.8.7. Message board thread for success

5.9. Being intimidated by scope

5.9.1. Break it apart, see if you can just build one part of the app

5.9.2. Be aware of the feeling and where it's at for emotional awareness

5.9.3. Post your idea in group to have them help break it down even more