Europe's early middle ages

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Europe's early middle ages создатель Mind Map: Europe's early middle ages

1. had good education like franks

2. lost to franks

3. on mediterranean

4. was attacked by vikings

5. attacked franks

6. Mediterranean world

6.1. had everything needed to sustain life

6.2. population grew rapidly towns formed

6.3. Greece and Rome

6.3.1. Greece studied Studied Philospophy

6.4. sea itself was great transportation

6.5. Alexander the Great

6.5.1. conquered many lands

6.6. Greece fell to Rome

6.6.1. 150 B.C.E

7. The Romans

7.1. the Romans admired the achievements of the Greeks

7.1.1. copied and developed Greeks architecture

7.1.2. also built cities, art, public baths, theatres

7.2. the Romans developed a code of laws

7.2.1. all Romans had right to a fair trial.

7.2.2. rescue from Poverty

7.2.3. Roman law protected people from war and outlaws

7.2.4. the Pax romana or Roman peace encouraged trade and and the exchange

7.2.5. Prices had to be paid, Rome demanded taxes, slaves and submission

7.2.6. Women, non-Romans, and slaves were denied the rights of citizenship

7.3. Roman legion was very powerful

7.3.1. They were so powerful they controlled Upper Egypt to the North sea, Most of Europe, south east Asia, northern Africa

7.4. Rome fell

7.4.1. 410 C.E. conquered by goths Germanic people

7.4.2. only eastern Roman empire with capital in Consantinople remained strong

7.5. After the fall

8. The Franks

8.1. Frank meant "free"

8.2. Ruler of the Franks was

8.2.1. Charlemagne

8.3. Royal family rule franks for 300 years

8.3.1. The Merovingians Clovis I Most successful kingdom was divided among children weakened by infighting

8.4. Laws of Franks

8.4.1. had own legal code when written down called Salic code if something stolen, killed, injured etc.) a fine called Wergild

8.5. Life among Franks

8.5.1. had social classes some rich some poor most people Serfs, Peasants

9. Charlemagne

9.1. came to power in

9.1.1. 786 C.E.

9.2. known as "do nothing" kings

9.3. was a big man

9.4. Christmas day was crowned emperor

9.4.1. 800

9.4.2. crowned by pope Leo III

9.4.3. governed empire at palace Aachen

9.4.4. sent out agents called missi dominici

9.5. created single code of laws

9.6. tried to make life easier for

9.6.1. serfs

9.7. defeated the

9.7.1. saxons made them convert to Christianity or kill them

9.8. improved education

9.9. died at 72

10. vikings

10.1. they "raided" a lot.

10.1.1. they raided because they wanted plunder, place to live, food, power

10.1.2. they raided places like Monasteries, Scotland, Ireland etc.)

10.2. reputation

10.2.1. people thought they were sent by god to punish people

10.3. life among vikings

10.3.1. most were farmers and fishers

10.4. laws

10.4.1. were great law makers

10.5. end of age

10.5.1. ended on the 11th century

10.5.2. people grew stronger

11. anglo-saxons and celts

11.1. they were farmers

11.1.1. but they thought they were warriors

11.2. brought Christianity and learning

11.2.1. St Patrick

11.3. greatest center of learning in Europe

11.4. anglo-saxons had skilled metal workers

11.5. invented great epics such as

11.5.1. "Beowulf"