Transformation of the North

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Transformation of the North создатель Mind Map: Transformation of the North

1. Innovations in Technology

1.1. Oil

1.1.1. advances in drilling lead to increase in oil production

1.2. Steel

1.3. Transportation

1.3.1. Railroad construction and efficiency increased

1.3.2. Railroads helped move steet and other materials to cities, during industrialization.

2. Political Changes

2.1. Politcal Machines ran parties and cities

2.1.1. Examples: -Tammany Hall

2.1.2. Provided jobs, promised opportunities, improved infrastructure and helped immigrants settle down in exchange for votes

2.1.3. Corruption of political bosses led to unfair elections and embezzled money from kickbacks

3. Government Actions

3.1. Immigration League

3.1.1. tightened laws on immigration enforced quotas required literacy and intelligence tests required consular certificates

3.2. Inactions: -age laws regarding child labor were not enforced

3.2.1. children under the age of ten, working high risk jobs, in unsafe, unsanitary working conditions, for little to no pay.

4. Communications

4.1. Improved due to increase in railroads and transportation

4.2. Advancement in publishing led to more newspapers and print media

4.2.1. Newspapers fought for readers

4.2.2. Literature became more popular and widespread

4.2.3. Ultimately led to boss tweed being brough to justice. (political cartoon published by Thomas Nast)

5. Immigration

5.1. Immigrants from all over were beginning to settle in America

5.1.1. Chinese faced nativism suffered from the Chinese Exclusion Act mainly settled west

5.1.2. Slavs often sent money back were Russian Jews that escaped

5.1.3. Italians did not plan to stay farmers planned on making money and taking it back to italy

5.1.4. Germans middle class isolated

5.1.5. Irish viewed as drunks ill-prepared for city life decently literate spoke english

5.2. Often experienced prejudice from locals

5.3. Took working class jobs

5.4. settled in coasts

5.5. most were poor

5.6. supported political bosses because they were promised opportunities as well as helped settle down