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what is creativity создатель Mind Map: what is creativity

1. Blake

2. Nathan - Creativity is the ability to browse your imagination and produce individual ideas with no restraints or limitations. No two people think the same.

2.1. was just thinking that too...

3. A tool I use a lot is Vimeo.com as a way to be influenced by a creative community, not to copy people but to be put into a creative mindset.

4. Creativity is the innovation of a unique idea unparalleled to another person.

5. Juan

5.1. Creativity is the skill to be able to ask your self "what if?" and get an answer or solution to your question.

5.1.1. http://designspiration.net/ This website helps to create and check what is creative people is doing or http://creativity-online.com http://www.fiftythree.com/ or Paper this is a tool that is and app for Ipad that allows you to place ideas using different type of pens, brushes and colors to draw Ideas at anytime. New node

6. Being creative is axiomatic, evident without proof or argument. Different people are coming with different solutions to different problem. Very much like success

7. Being creative is axiomatic, evident without proof or argument. Different people are coming with different solutions to different problem.

7.1. creative: generative, ground-breaking, innovative, originate, handmade

7.2. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

8. Being creative is axiomatic, evident without proof or argument. Different people are coming with different solutions to different problem.

9. create: to evolve from one's one thought or imagination to make by investing with new character or functions.

10. Matt K

10.1. Creativity is not a talent or a skill or something that you need to be born with. Creativity is a state of mind that anyone can achieve if you're willing to let go of logic and reasoning and let your mind play with ideas, making connections where there might not have been any before and having no concept of being wrong and giving in to your imagination.

10.1.1. Due to my enjoyment of making and editing videos, my prefered online tool is www.youtube.com where I post up videos I have created in After Effects to get feed back from people on their opinions, staying in a community of people interested in VFX and general graphics in video. Example of a channel I visit - http://www.youtube.com/user/MattexFilms2006

10.1.2. An online tool that I personally use is help get me into a creative state is actually an online multiplayer game called Minecraft. It is based entirely out of creating something from the world around you. Given this isn't exactly very useful in the sense that it's limited to what's in the game, but being in a collaborative environment has proven to help me get into the state of mind for useful creation.

11. Brenton

11.1. What is creativity? Creativity is looking at everyday things in an artistic way that you feel is different is in a personal way and making it something different or similar. It is opening your mind and letting every though shine and having no clouds in the way of thoughts shinning through and making something of this.

11.2. Brenton - Online Tool, http://www.stumbleupon.com/ This site has been very inspirational with helping me come up with new ideas with e.g. magazine lay outs for front covers.. This site has such a large diverse range of everything and filtered into artistic creative categories that it just makes opening your mind and seeing things you have not seen before. This helps me a lot with coming up with my own creativity. Stumble Upon has a like and dislike system to improve the quality of results given after searching for something, you have to sign up and choose your interests over a large range of interests to also help give you results that you would find interesting and helpful.

12. Yair

12.1. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/tag/inspiration/

13. Nathan

13.1. one tool that I like to use and consider resourceful is: https://bubbl.us/ Great for brainstorming ideas

14. Alex

14.1. Creativity is when you create something new, such as an idea or concept.

14.2. http://kuler.adobe.com/ Allows you to discover colour schemes posted by other uses

15. Daniel

15.1. I think creativity is the ability to think freely about anything without taking into account any limitations or rules. I also feel that creativity alone cannot create new things. I believe that creativity, in conjunction with discipline (knowing boundaries and limitations) produces innovative ideas that are fresh and can become a reality.

15.2. One online tool that I found was called Solvr: http://a.freshbrain.com/solvr/ This tool allows a user to post a problem and share the URL with anyone. Anybody who receives the URL can then add to problem with comments or ideas. The goal of the site is to start with a problem, and then have people work through all possible solutions until an answer is found that results in no further problems. Below is an example "problem" that I have set up: http://www.a.freshbrain.com/solvr/d/gj0kbdgtvy Feel free to add to the "problem"

15.3. One technique that I discovered was called "Reverse Brainstorming". This technique is essentially, as the name suggests, the reverse of brainstorming. Rather than brainstorming for the question "How do I solve this problem?", you brainstorm for the question "How do I create this problem?" or "What will stop this from working?". Doing so gives you a fresh outlook over the whole situation, and can help stimulate discussion and ideas, as well as figuring what causes the problem and implementing this into your solution.

15.3.1. Tell me of this "Reverse Brainstorming". I... uh... *runs for the hills* Knew it.

16. Tom

16.1. Creativity is the implementation of one's imagination to develop an original idea different to social normality

16.2. https://bubbl.us/ This site allows the user to create multiple tower like mind maps. you start with the idea then expand it. then you expand on the expanding parts of the idea and so on so forth. until there is a tower of ideas all formed and related to the original idea. if multiple ideas originally, multiple towers are formed. it also allows you to save them too.

17. Adam

17.1. Creativity is the process of fostering new innovative ideas which are unique to either society or the individual which have value, or are progressive

17.2. www.deviantart.com (An internet community of creative people that can share their work, people can leave comments with constructive criticism. Artwork can also be sold from this site.

18. Anitza

18.1. involves creating something new that no one has done previously so the product is unique or different. But it's hard to create something totally new so I think it also involves transforming things...someone's idea, a scan of another persons image image and then from that the new object emerges..creativiy is a process

18.2. voicethreads voicethread.com/ share a document and people can add audio comments

19. Creative ideas are already in your mind, you just need to uncover them.

20. Node is new

20.1. and so is this one. Thanks


21.1. Definatley the most popular tool for creativity, photoshop. The endless amount of effects you can use allow you to create anything that comes to your mind. For video creation (my personal favourite) the winner is definatley Adobe After Effects. This program has a huge variety of preset effects and also plugins from a range of online sources.


23. beth

23.1. I think Creativity is imagination, freedom to develop ideas, doing things differently, curiosity and fun.

23.2. reate your own sketches you can share or spend some time looking at sketches drawn and posted by others http://www.sketchcast.com/ here's an example of someone's work on evernote: http://sketchcast.com/view/VOw4MpT/ another tool - No matter where your inspiration comes from, use this tool to take a photo with your phone, type in text, or clip information from the Internet so you never lose a creative thought again http://evernote.com/

23.3. music is good for creativity, there is nothing new under the sun every idea comes from an existing idea all you do is find a different way to design/model it

23.4. I get ideas from looking at what others have made, from multimedia (music, movies, advertisements, tv), books, nature etc.


24.1. My favourite way to stimulate my creative process is using video sites (youtube/vimeo). I always benefit from watching tutorials and works people have created.

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27. Jakob

27.1. Creativity is the act of creating something new that has some value to it. Creativity doesn’t have to revolve around arts and crafts as that’s only a part of where creativity is commonly used. Being creative doesn’t require one person to be a professional, it just requires people to think outside the square and to be original. Being creative doesn't require you to create something whole as it could also be used in another person’s piece.

27.1.1. An online tool that I’ve used before and really like is called Kuler (http://kuler.adobe.com). It’s an online tool to help people get ideas for colour schemes for projects that a person might be doing. It’s also a wonderful place for others to submit their own colour schemes to help others get ideas.

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