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1. How to Monetize

1.1. Affiliate Programs

1.1.1. Thermal cameras

1.1.2. Beekeeping products Hives Digital Supplies

1.1.3. eBooks? This business plan as explained through the MDM process could become a marketable product itself. Making Money From Bees Beekeeper Marketing Conquering Bee Anxiety Bee Allergies

1.1.4. Consumer Products Honey Honeycomb Beeswax Bee-friendly (responsible) products Pesticides Herbicides Plants / seeds

1.1.5. Amazon

1.2. Adsense

1.3. Lead Gen

1.3.1. Advisory services

1.3.2. Bee removal Hive Extraction Swarm Removal Exterminators General Contractors Drywall Handyman services Painters Roofers Insulating spray foam Tuck-point masonry Deck Repair Crawlspace Pest Removal Gutter & Soffit Replacement Wood & Frame replacement Restoration services

1.3.3. Pollinator services

1.3.4. Bee / exterminator Licensing?

1.4. Owner's Equity

1.4.1. Market value if I flilp the site Flippa Others?

1.4.2. Rent it

1.4.3. Maximize owner's equity

1.4.4. Plan the exit strategy

1.4.5. Site Valuation Determine variables behind site values QuietLight MOZ flippa Webuka

1.5. Services

1.5.1. Marketing for non-marketer beekeepers

1.5.2. Bee business websites

1.6. Flip it

1.7. Memberships

1.8. Donations / Charity

1.8.1. Create non-profit Research grants University affiliation

1.9. Sell and marketing Case Study

1.9.1. Create mind maps MindMup 2 Xmind MindMeister

2. Legal

2.1. Disclosures

2.1.1. Affiliate / business relationship disclosures

2.2. Liability

2.2.1. Disclaimers "Hire a professional" "Bees can be deadly. We are not liable if you get stung."

2.3. Corporate

2.3.1. Include in Shareholder Monthly Meeting Minutes

2.3.2. DBA

2.4. Accessibility / ADA

2.5. Terms of Service

2.5.1. Terms of Service Generators TermsFeed Terms of Service Generator Ohters?

2.6. Privacy Laws

2.6.1. Privacy Frameworks GDPR PIPEDA CalOPPA Site-specific requirements Amazon Adsense Mailchimp

2.6.2. What's Required What info about visitors you collect How you obtain this information Reason for requesting personal information How you store & protect info you've collected What you use and how you update visitors when privacy policy gets updated Who has access to user's information

2.6.3. Privacy Policy Generators Virginia Tech Get Terms Auto Terms of Service & Privacy Policy 3DCart Personalized Privacy

2.7. Intellectual Property protection

2.7.1. Trademark Put ™ behind name

2.7.2. Copyright Put ©[date] in footer File copyright registration Decide whether filing is worth it

2.7.3. Non-Disclosure Agreements Protect proprietary information

3. Process

3.1. Ask yourself: Why get into this business?

3.1.1. Intrinsic rewards Refer to "Bucket List" sitemap Right thing to do for environment Helps others Bees are cool

3.1.2. Tangible rewards Free honey Might be profit in there somewhere This BEE niche is an educational sample exercise in business planning and digital marketing

3.2. Competitive Research

3.2.1. Make industry "who's who" spreadsheet

3.2.2. How big is the industy? Revenues Number of customers Customers per vendor

3.3. Domain registration

3.4. Copyright

3.4.1. Add © statement to page footer

3.4.2. Registering page copy w/ copyright office Only if financially viable

3.5. Plan a sitemap

3.6. Create the brand

3.6.1. Name & Slogan Decide on name Make list of domain names Make slogan / taglines / catch phrases

3.6.2. Design elements Pick a site template Themeforest Other business niches Look at competitors Style guide Get stock photos Adobe Stock Design a logo DIY fiverr Print pieces Letterhead Business Cards Labels / envelopes Build the site Choose platform

3.7. Plan the Business

3.7.1. Create mind map

3.7.2. Know your schedule

3.7.3. Know your numbers

3.7.4. Write a Business Plan Executive Summary Company Description Mission Statement History Objectives Summary of Market Research and Potential Competitive Analysis Describe Product and/or Service Develop a Marketing & Sales Strategy Compile your Business Financials Income statements P&L statements Cash flow statements Balance sheets Describe your organization and management Explain your funding request Compile an appendix for official documents Estimate profit from each of the profit centers within the business Go ahead & guess

4. Resources

4.1. 3rd Party Software / Services Used

4.1.1. Domain registration GoDaddy

4.1.2. Web Hosting Siteground

4.1.3. DNS Siteground

4.1.4. SSL Let's Encrypt

4.1.5. Platform WordPress

4.1.6. Theme Astra Child theme

4.1.7. Analytics Google Analytics RavenTools Google Search Console

4.1.8. Plugins Admin Columns Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Akismet Classic Editor Elementor Elementor Pro Happy Addons for Elementor Animentor - Lottie & Bodymovin widget Google Analytics for WP by MonsterInsights Jetpack by WordPress Loginizer Media Library Assistant SG Optimizer TablePress TinyMCE Advanced WooCommerce Yoast SEO

4.1.9. Email Gmail Mailchimp

4.1.10. Writing Grammarly Evernote Google Docs

4.1.11. Coding / Text Notepad.exe Notepad++

4.1.12. Graphics Adobe Photoshop Adobe Stock

4.1.13. Mindmapping MindMeister

4.1.14. Productivity Time Tracking Not tracking time, but should. Suggestions?

4.1.15. Spreadsheets Excel Google Spreadsheets

4.1.16. Site Speed GT Metrics

4.1.17. Video production Camtasia Studio 9 Adobe Premiere

4.1.18. Bookkeeping QuickBooks

4.1.19. Google Calendar

4.2. Instructive Guidance

4.2.1. Marketing Sherpa

5. Getting Traffic

5.1. Organic

5.1.1. Keyword Research Analytics

5.1.2. Video marketing Main video - links to Home page

5.1.3. Link building Directories Beekeeper directories General website directories Articles Bee blogs Home improvement sites Natural health sites (honey, pollen, wax, etc.) Nature sites (conservation) Local newspapers Publicity HARO (Help A Reporter Our) Buy links??? Fiverr? "Reputable" link sellers?

5.1.4. Images Google Images

5.1.5. GoogleMyBusiness

5.2. Paid

5.3. Email Marketing

5.3.1. Tools Mailchimp

6. Site Details

6.1. Site Characteristics

6.1.1. User Persona Analysts Fun/Emotional Environmentalists Profiteers Hobbyists

6.1.2. Site Design (See "Process")

6.2. Site Features

6.2.1. Surveys

6.2.2. Some, but minimal use of cutsey animation widgets

6.2.3. Elementor Pro

6.2.4. Countdown timers (create urgency)

6.2.5. Accessibility by UserWay

6.2.6. Has some personality

6.2.7. SSL Free SSL

6.2.8. RSS feeds ??

6.2.9. Beekeeper Directory With avatars With bios With photos

6.2.10. Live chat Real live chat Chatbots Pandorabox

6.3. Sitemap

6.3.1. Home About Us Contact Us Blog Buest Bloggers Own articles Vlog Podcast Members Area Fun Bee Content Knowledgebase Ask the Expert Glossary of terms Statistics Bee stings Bee Links / Directory Associations Busnesses Beekeepers Stores Authorities Law topics Bee Identification Types Submit a pic for ID Honey Recipes Visitor Surveys Calendar of Events

7. Business Case

7.1. article 1. You have a passion for your new venture. 2. You’re a true believer in your idea. 3. You have a product or service with a good market. 4. You know your players. 5. You have a plan. 6. You have a good brand idea. 7. You’re ready to learn -- a lot! 8. You can face the fear of failure. 9. You can face the fear of success. 10. You have some cash available. 11. You’re not in the midst of major life changes. 12. You have experience in your new industry. 13. You know a lot about business itself. 14. You’re good at managing your time. 15. You understand the risks of owning a business.