Desigining the future work environment talk, Nirit Cohen

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Desigining the future work environment talk, Nirit Cohen создатель Mind Map: Desigining the future work environment talk, Nirit Cohen

1. How much is invested in this?

1.1. This project has no budget or resources

1.2. It's self-driven project by people passionate abou this

1.2.1. working part-time on this

1.3. Partnering with other large corporations doing the same

2. About

2.1. HR manager in Intel Israel

3. Intel Israel

3.1. Microcosm of global Intel

3.2. Our vision

3.2.1. create & extend computing technology to connect & enrich the lives of every person on earth

3.3. Wins in surveys of: best employes

3.4. always thinking on the future

3.4.1. also when designing work environment

4. Started crowd-sourcing the design of future work environment

4.1. Tried to imagine work env in 2025

4.2. 1st conclusion

4.2.1. Use local language hebrew in this case

4.3. scenario

4.3.1. conference call of conference of engineer in ISrael & India "Follow the Sun" concept

4.4. Tsunami of changes

4.5. Work env helps Intel to shape the future of the world

4.5.1. Easy to see this in retrospect: Today's world of laptops, tablets & mobiles weren't possible without these innovations

4.5.2. The future will look ever more revolutionary

4.6. Use methodologies of Crowd-sourcing for future design & predicions

5. Collective discussion

5.1. Reading & Formulation

5.1.1. Structure methodology Imen Delphi

5.1.2. 3 month cross organization process

5.1.3. 700 questions, 92 processed questions, 98 participants

5.2. Statements

5.2.1. 651 statements

5.2.2. 258 processed statements

5.3. Prioritization

5.3.1. 22 ranking per statement

5.3.2. 78 participants

6. Working with Intel's resident futurist

7. "The future is not set"

7.1. The work env design process came out of the organization into industry/nation wide initiative

8. Started using Crowd-sourcing for more use-cases

8.1. Creating relations with employees & increasing their involvement

8.1.1. Changing the internal discourse from They need to solve this to We need to solve this

8.2. Started also crowd-sourcing the customers

8.2.1. Thru social networks

9. Q&A

9.1. Which platform?

9.1.1. Used Imen Delphi

9.1.2. Now starting to use other internal methodologies