The Top 7 Skills of Wealthy People — How You Can Learn Them Today

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The Top 7 Skills of Wealthy People — How You Can Learn Them Today создатель Mind Map: The Top 7 Skills of Wealthy People — How You Can Learn Them Today

1. Accounting

1.1. “the action or process of keeping financial accounts.”

1.2. Being able to understand your flow of money is crucial to maximizing your assets while lowering your liabilities.

1.3. How do I learn Accounting?

1.3.1. Get familiar with the jargon

1.3.2. Practice by doing financial statements for your own finances.

1.3.3. Go to your personal accountant and ask them to explain the concepts to you. Take notes.

1.3.4. Read books

1.3.5. Play the Cashflow game.

2. Investing

2.1. “to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return.”

2.2. Knowing where to put your money makes a massive difference, especially considering compound interests.

2.3. How do I learn Investing?

2.3.1. Get familiar with the jargon.

2.3.2. Read “The Intelligent Investor”.

2.3.3. Play Cashflow at least once a week.

2.3.4. Talk to your bank about your options.

2.3.5. Monitor Yahoo Finance.

2.3.6. Play around with different Real Estate Investment tools.

2.3.7. Start investing small to get your feet wet. Review regularly.

2.3.8. Read Unshakable.

3. Marketing

3.1. “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.”

3.2. Building the product or service is only half the battle. This is the other half (with sales).

3.3. How do I learn Marketing?

3.3.1. Get familiar with SEO

3.3.2. Get familiar with Facebook Ads

3.3.3. Get familiar with Google Ads.

3.3.4. Learn what targeting is

3.3.5. Learn how to do targeting right.

3.3.6. Read Seth Godin’s book(s)

3.3.7. Follow Neil Patel.

3.3.8. Try online courses.

3.3.9. Learn what an influencer is

3.3.10. Learn how to take advantage of an influencer's services.

4. Law

4.1. “a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority.”

4.2. Knowing your rights and how to protect your assets is invaluable.

4.3. How do I learn Law?

4.3.1. Be familiar with the branch of law that’s of highest interest to you.

4.3.2. Get your feet wet with online courses.

4.3.3. Get familiar with the jargon.

4.3.4. Read top rated books.

4.3.5. Review concepts regularly using Anki.

5. Copywriting

5.1. “the act of writing advertising or publicity copy.”

5.2. Crafting solid copy that evokes emotion is what transforms you from a good marketer to a stellar one!

5.3. How do I learn Copywriting?

5.3.1. Read a lot.

5.3.2. Write every day and publish regularly on blogs or on Medium.

5.3.3. Use Grammarly.

5.3.4. Refer to Thesaurus for definitions, synonyms, and antonyms.

5.3.5. Avoid filler words.

5.3.6. Avoid boring words.

5.3.7. Force yourself to learn a few words every day and use them.

5.3.8. Journal your thoughts.

5.3.9. Learn the art of storytelling.

6. Sales

6.1. “of, relating to, or used in selling.”

6.2. Getting a “yes” from people is one of the best ways to accelerate your wealth.

6.3. Sales is usually your gateway to high-ticket sales, but also to expanding your network of influence.

6.4. How do I learn Sales?

6.4.1. Learn the art of storytelling.

6.4.2. Take speech lessons.

6.4.3. Attend Toastmasters events.

6.4.4. Learn basic psychology concepts for selling.

6.4.5. Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

6.4.6. Start a small eCommerce site and source your products from abroad.

6.4.7. Get familiar with these 25 sales strategies.

7. Public Relations

7.1. “the business of inducing the public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, firm, or institution.”

7.2. The way you present yourself to the general public influences what they think about you and your brand.

7.3. Knowing how to approach your audience can make or break your name or brand.

7.4. How do I learn Public Relations?

7.4.1. Learn about what PR firms do.

7.4.2. Learn how to approach people online.

7.4.3. Learn how to approach people offline.

7.4.4. If you plan to do it on your own, learn these 11 concepts.

7.4.5. Read books.

7.4.6. Learn to write press releases.

7.4.7. Do an online course.