Encourage escape the city experience for students based on gaming !

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Encourage escape the city experience for students based on gaming ! создатель Mind Map: Encourage escape the city experience for students based on gaming !

1. Students (18- 27 years old)

1.1. Budget

1.1.1. Affordable no more than 5€ the outing

1.1.2. Free O€ or "as you can afford service" where you're free to pay the amount of money you want

1.2. Interest

1.2.1. Solo actvities

1.2.2. Group activities

1.2.3. Linked to their major

1.3. Time

1.3.1. Much Leisure time (hollidays) 4 weeks a year + summer holidays

1.3.2. Not your 9' to 5' agenda so it's flexible (≠ work days) and they can go at "happy hours" time for instance in an escape game shop

2. Game

2.1. Escape Game

2.2. Serious Games

2.2.1. Corporate games exist but it's a bit off topic for students, but it's usefull for teambuilding and students might also need some teambuilding, because people say that in university, everyone tend to be kept anonymous if they don't try to come out of their comfort zone

2.3. VR Game

2.3.1. Not necessary budget-friendly for students (except in museum) and if the budget of our students is tight, then it would be an issue

2.4. Lots of Game creators company : L'Ubisoft Ivory Tower etc

3. Experience

3.1. it depends on what you learn after how you acknowledge the aftermath

3.1.1. good experience you lose the game but you're having fun: check this "Losing Sayings and Losing Quotes | Wise Old Sayings"

3.1.2. "bad" experience you're a sore loser so you don't : check this "How to Avoid Being a Sore Loser at Competitive Games" after that I am sure you'll improve

3.2. "escaping" where ?

3.2.1. outdoor Nature makes you forget dailylife Discover your own city : Escape The City - Escape game outdoor - Jeu de piste connecté Game festival : TOUT L'MONDE JOUE ! - Festival de Jeux de société

3.2.2. indoor Just being in a new space that is still unknown is escaping dailylife being at home but using a video game to escape dailylife : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohXxwRyWvmI But it works on both side : as people start to travel thanks yo the views they saw in games : Video Game Tourism typically : you can take pictures in the game as if you were abroad How To Go Sightseeing In Video Games

3.3. "escaping" what ?

3.3.1. dailylife for a student can be anything not linked to their majors museum movie song book cinema games anything related to their major so they can remember what they are studying this in the first part meeting professionals to talk about their field IRL or even game personas discussing about those subjects with people outside the city (change of place = change of prism) why not through an exchange programm for instance ! and we can combine that to gaming : International Erasmus Games : retour sur la compétition en images

4. City

4.1. What is near is cheap

4.1.1. the inner city (intra muros) Games in Confluence Museum : one exhbition has currently a digital room where you can see and hear virtual prisoners http://www.museedesconfluences.fr/fr/evenements/prison-au-del%C3%A0-des-murs (imersve experience) + if one student is also a babysitter, he or she can always bring the children to the exhibition "Comme un jeu d'enfants | Musée des Confluences" Games in Lugdunum Museum : LUDIQUE - Jouer dans l'Antiquité - Lugdunum Musée et théâtres romains

4.1.2. look for the facilities offered by the city : https://www.lyonmag.com/article/86796/jeux-video-et-de-societe-avec-gerland-lyon-tire-un-trait-sur-les-bibliotheques-a-l-ancienne A book about Creatives cities than you can found at the Learning Hub of emlyon business school : Qu'est-ce que la ville créative ?

4.1.3. remote district Discover what's around you, for instance in Villeurbanne : Gamin'Gônes 2020

4.2. What is farer may not be that affordable

4.2.1. countryside Only 35 miniutes away from Lyon (2€ bus ticket one way) => check "Pérouges. Journée jeux organisé par l'Office municipal des fêtes de Pérouges"

4.2.2. other cities that are around yours : as you have probably seen, I picked Lyon as a city. So the nearest big city would be Grenoble, and it has a scientific game center : Accueil — Grenoble Game Lab - Scientific Game Jam + VR games center more affordable than Lyon's : https://virtualplace.fr/ and https://avrena.fun/concept#concept-vr

4.2.3. it doesn't matter if it's far, students can take the car ! then, as digital natives, it might be interresting for students to discover the place where the WEB was created : the immersive exbhibitions of the CERN are game-like : Permanent exhibitions | Visit CERN