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Affiliate Mastery создатель Mind Map: Affiliate Mastery

1. Module 1: List Building

1.1. Objective

1.1.1. build your first list 1,000 people

1.1.2. average value of a lead is $1/month

1.1.3. 1,000 subs = $1,000/month

1.1.4. Bertrand's list building story created a free WSO bumped it until it reached 1,000 people created weekly content to keep list happy

1.1.5. Overview free method paid method set up list building system

1.2. Free Method

1.2.1. Drive traffic through post views can be used on Warrior Forum but also other forums, Facebook groups, etc

1.2.2. Add your signature to your WarriorForum Profile

1.2.3. Post helpful reply on forum posts

1.2.4. Aim for at least 10 answers a day

1.3. Paid Method

1.3.1. Drive traffic through advertisement easiest way to get started: solo ads can also use facebook ads, google ads, wf ads, etc

1.3.2. Sign up to Udimi - Buy email solo ads

1.3.3. Order a solo ad

1.3.4. Rinse and repeat

1.4. Set Up List Building System

1.4.1. Research Content Ideas

1.4.2. Create Lead Magnet

1.4.3. Set up Optin Page

1.4.4. Set Up Thank You Page add Thank You Headline add a Thank You Video (optional) add delivery link

2. Module 2: Preparation

2.1. Objective

2.1.1. launch your first affiliate campaign

2.1.2. make your first affiliate sales

2.1.3. be profitable for your first affiliate campaign

2.1.4. learn how to create original bonuses differentiate yourself from every other affiliate too lazy to create bonuses keep on reusing same PLR customers will respect you more and pay more attention to your promotions and you will make more sales

2.1.5. Martin's preparation story parallel with army, planning in advance, etc.

2.1.6. #1 tip: you should prepare each campaign at least 12 days in advance 2 days for research/brainstorming 10 days for bonus creation

2.2. Curation

2.2.1. Criterias first we need to find the right offers should be from a known vendor should be a good product, ideally software you should curate one month in advance

2.2.2. Go to Muncheye.com Open all the launches for next month, from 1st to 30th Review each launch one by one Select one product per week at most We will fully commit to each one selected commitment means mailing each day from launch start date to launch end date

2.2.3. Your preparation doc Write down JV Doc link Write down email calendar Write down JV Access details if you don't have it, reach to the product owner with this template Request affilaite link if you don't have it, reach to the product owner with this template Write down bonus description

2.3. Bonuses

2.3.1. Objective here we will show you our secret sauce for creating the best bonuses on the market this is a proprietary formula that no one uses or know at this point, besides you best of all, you can use this for affiliate promos but also for your own products your products are always going to be enhanced with bonuses. This is how you create them

2.3.2. Brainstorm bonuses What is missing from this product? What can perfectly complement this product? If I had all the resources in the world, what could I create that would make this product infintely more powerful? Tips: don't think about budget here or feasability, focus on what customers may need

2.3.3. Define bonus specs Write down the exact specs you would like Be incredibly precise Include as much details as possible Including lenght, format, table of content, etc Think of it this way: if you were not available tomorrow, someone should be able to pick your instructions and realise whatever it is you need without having to ask you a single question aim for 3 to 10 custom bonuses write down budget for each bonus write down overal budget tip: start with a small overal budget of $200, go up to $2,000 once you become successful at it spend $200, make 10 sales and you cover your bonuses remember, objective is to be profitable

2.3.4. Research bonuses suppliers Fiverr.com Upwork Peopleperhour The internet The world

2.3.5. Order bonuses 50% of the times the bonus needs you will have won't exist as ready-made services so you will need to contact providers, share your specs and negotiate orders one by one always order bonuses at the VERY least 10 days before a promo for more complex bonuses you might need to order 3-4 weeks in advance bonus order case study: AppsKitPro

3. Module 3: Promotion

3.1. Objective

3.1.1. Learn how to run a successful campaign

3.2. The Prelaunch

3.2.1. Prelaunch email

3.3. Launch Day

3.3.1. Launch Email Morning Evening

3.4. Post Launch Day

3.4.1. Use same angle

3.5. Mid Launch

3.5.1. Use secondary angle

3.6. Close

3.6.1. Use scarcity angle

3.6.2. Triple Threat

4. Module 4: Boosters

4.1. Objectives

4.1.1. learn how to improve campaign performance

4.1.2. Can easily add 5% more sales with these tricks

4.1.3. This can be the difference when competing in contests

4.2. Retargeting

4.2.1. How to set up retargeting campaign

4.3. Live support

4.3.1. How to get more sales using support