Real Estate Dual Agency

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Real Estate Dual Agency создатель Mind Map: Real Estate Dual Agency

1. Opposing Interests

1.1. Labor Union VS Management

1.2. War us vs. them

1.2.1. Those who support both sides are called traitors .......................

1.3. zero sum game

1.3.1. In Real Estate price negotiation is a zero sum game.

1.4. Buyer's Agent is Seller's Agent

1.5. Coach of team 1 is Coach of team 2 not happening!

1.6. C-21 office agent for buyer C-21 office agent for seller

1.7. RE/MAX office agent for buyer RE/MAX office agent for seller

2. Single Agency for Home Buyers

2.1. for Buyers

3. When your agent asks you to sign a document allowing them to act as a dual agent - JUST SAY NO! Don't share YOUR agent with the seller.

4. Often, advertising by so called "Buyer Agents" is deceptive because those who represent sellers often do not disclose the potential for dual representation (which precludes real buyer representation) in their advertising.

5. Information provided by Paul Howard, Broker, Realty