Empowerment Technologies

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Empowerment Technologies создатель Mind Map: Empowerment Technologies

1. Lesson 7

1.1. Online Platforms for ICT Content Development

1.1.1. Social Media Platforms Facebook

1.1.2. Blogging Platforms WordPress Tumblr Blogger

1.1.3. Content Management System a computer application to create website Creating Your Own Blog Using Wordpress

1.1.4. Cloud Computing Advantages No need to install Saves hard disk space Easy access to your software/files Saves money Updates automatically Minimum system requirements Easy back up and data recovery Disadvantages Can be hampered by slow Internet speed, no connection, no cloud computing May still require compatible software Just renting the software Security risk of doing things over the Internet as opposed to yor personal computer alone More prone to hacking Limited control over the infastracture itself

2. Lesson 8

2.1. Basic Web Page Creation

2.1.1. HTML Hypertext Markup Language

2.1.2. CSS Content Cascading System

2.1.3. WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get

2.1.4. Other Ways to Create a Website Creating a Website using Microsoft Word Creating Your Own Website using Jimdo

3. Lesson 9

3.1. Collaborative ICT Development

3.1.1. Web Portals Yahoo!

3.1.2. Online Collaborative Tools Facebook WordPress Google Drive Yammer Trello

4. Lesson 10

4.1. Interactive Multimedia

4.1.1. Multimedia Content Videos Youtube Sound, Music, or Audio Soundcloud Online Games Adventure Quest Farmville Candy Crush Online Tests Online IQ Personality Tests Courseware E-Learning Courses using a Learning Management System Podcasts Stuff You Should Know TED Talks The Starters Ear Bisquits Vodcasts Youtube Series