Empowerment Technologies

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Empowerment Technologies создатель Mind Map: Empowerment Technologies

1. Online Platforms for ICT Content Development

1.1. Social Media Platforms

1.2. Blogging Platforms

1.3. Content Management System

1.4. Creating your own blog on Word Press

1.5. Posting on your WordPress blog

1.6. Cloud Computing

1.6.1. Advantages: No need to install Save hard disk space Easy access to your software/files Saves you money No need to update Minimum system requirements Back up and data recovery are relatively easier

1.6.2. Disadvantages: Can be hampered down by slow internet speed May still require compatible software You do not own the software Prone to hacking Limited control over the infrastructure itself Security risk of doing things over the internet

2. Basic Web Page Creation


2.2. Other ways to create a website

2.2.1. Microsoft Word

2.2.2. Jimdo

2.3. Editing Elements

3. Collaborative ICT Development

3.1. Web Portals

3.2. Online Collaborative Tools

4. Interactive Multimedia

4.1. Multimedia Content

4.1.1. Videos

4.1.2. Sound, Music, or Audio

4.1.3. Online games

4.1.4. Online tests

4.1.5. Courseware

4.1.6. Podcasts

4.1.7. Vodcasts

4.2. Inserting YouTube Videos on your blog post