Empowerment Technologies

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Empowerment Technologies создатель Mind Map: Empowerment Technologies

1. Basic Web Page Creation


1.2. Jimdo

1.2.1. a WYSIWYG web hosting service with an editor

1.3. HTML

1.4. CSS

1.5. Editing Elements

1.5.1. Header

1.5.2. Image

1.5.3. Paragraph

1.6. Template

1.7. SEO

2. Collaborative ICT Development

2.1. Web Portal

2.1.1. Yahoo!

2.2. Online Collaborative Tools

2.2.1. Facebook

2.2.2. Wordpress

2.2.3. Google Drive

2.2.4. Microsoft Office Online

2.2.5. Yammer

2.2.6. Trello

3. Interactive Multimedia

3.1. WWW

3.2. Multimedia Content

3.2.1. Videos Youtube

3.2.2. Sound, Music and Audio Soundcloud

3.2.3. Online Games Ros of Survival Cod of Duty Lol of Legends

3.2.4. Courseware E-learning

3.2.5. Podcasts TED Talks Ear Biscuits

3.3. Embed

4. Online Platforms for ICT Development

4.1. Social Media Platforms

4.1.1. websites like Facebook, which allows you to share content.

4.2. Blogging Platforms

4.2.1. You can edit your own Blog through your own liking. Examples of these are Websites like Wordpress, Tumblr and Blogger.

4.3. Content Management System

4.3.1. or CMS is a computer application that allows you to publish, edit and manipulate, organize and delete web content. Used in blogs, news websites, and shopping.

4.4. Cloud Computing

4.4.1. Advantages No need to install Easy to access Saves hard disk space Saves you money

4.4.2. Disadvantages Can be hampered down by internet connection You do not own the software May still require compatible software Security risks