Top Books for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Top Books for Online Entrepreneurs and Lifestyle entrepreneurs

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Top Books for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs создатель Mind Map: Top Books for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

1. Book #10

1.1. Crush It + Crushing It

1.1.1. Gary Vee Social Media/ Marketing Guru Bestselling Author

1.1.2. Crush It How to build a business around your passion Using the Power of Social Media Key Ideas Passion is key Create relentless content. Choose a medium that fits you best. My Summary Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuck - Book Summary

1.1.3. Crushing It Sequel to Crush It How lifestyle entrepreneurs who followed his advice from Crush IT The best marketing strategy in the world is caring for your customers. The more you educate with care, the more likely they are to buy. Be 51% altruistic and 49% selfish in order to grow your business. When you constantly give more than you receive, you will make it in business. Always consider what you can do for them rather than what they can do for you.

2. Book #9

2.1. Expert Secrets - Russell Brunson

2.1.1. By Russell Brunson Founder of Clickfunnels Marketing Software

2.1.2. How to How to turn your knowledge, experience, talent, skills and expertise Into a thriving business And get paid lucratively for your expertise How to build a mass movement of people who want to hear your message

2.1.3. Building a Mass Movement - 3 Phases Becoming the Leader Enrolling People in a cause Showing them the new opportunity

2.1.4. How to generate leads And sell your expertise in forms of Online Courses Live Training Books etc

2.1.5. How to build a perfect marketing and sales funnel for your expert knowledge empire Email Marketing Webinars Video Sales Letters and Funnels

3. Intro

3.1. Who is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

3.1.1. Building a business that supports your lifestyle Focused on life rewards Not just monetary rewards Or a giant mission

3.1.2. Business that supports what you want to do with your life Travel Spend time with family Do fun, adventurous things Work on your own schedule

3.1.3. Rather than letting the business run your life

3.1.4. Not looking to build a large scalable business With large teams Huge infrastructure

3.2. In this Video

3.2.1. 10 Best Books that will help you Build and Grow your lifestyle Business

3.3. Examples of Lifestyle entrepreneurs

3.3.1. Bloggers

3.3.2. Podcasters

3.3.3. Youtubers

3.3.4. Influencers

3.3.5. Online Business Owners

3.3.6. E-Commerce business owner

3.3.7. Experts of different kinds Authors Trainers

4. Book #8

4.1. Content Inc

4.1.1. Business Model Build Your Audience By sharing your content Now Sell to your audience

4.1.2. 6 Step Process for building your online business The "Sweet Spot": Identify the intersection of your Competency Passion Content Tilting: Your own Angle Your unique twist A space not occupied by others Building the Base: Establish your 1 Content channel Harvesting Audience: Use social-media and SEO to convert one-time visitors into long-term subscribers Diversification: Grow your business by expanding into multiple delivery channels Monetization: How to monetize your expertise

5. Book #5

5.1. Clockwork - Mike M

5.1.1. Mike Michalowicz Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor Bestselling Author Profit First Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Pumpkin Plan Has been on 2000 Books Podcast Multiple Times

5.1.2. The dark side of Lifestyle entrepreneurship You have created a never ending job for yourself You are stuck in The Survival trap The Survival Trap - getting through today at the utter disregard for tomorrow. The Survival Trap is what’s keeping you from driving toward your vision, or meeting short- or long-term goals.

5.1.3. This book will show you How to break free from this never ending job And get the business to produce results Without you being fully involved

5.1.4. It’s not about doing more with less. It’s about doing less with less to achieve more. You need to do the right tasks with your restricted time and have other people do the right tasks with their restricted time. In other words, a business that runs like clockwork is about selective efficiency, not mass productivity.

5.1.5. You will learn Figuring out - The most important thing your business does - the QBR (Queen Bee Role) And making sure that the QBR gets done No matter what A key distinction you must make as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Do you want to be How to design your business So that it will run itself Using the power of How to get business to do more Rather than getting yourself to do more and more and more How to create systems and processes Without writing a single document So that your employees can consistently produce high quality results Identifying Key Metrics and Creating a Dashboard That will show you where your business stands at any given moment So that your business runs like a well oiled machine without you

6. Book #7

6.1. Automatic Customer - John Warillow

6.1.1. John Warillow Author of "Built to Sell" How to design your business so that you can sell it

6.1.2. If you want to build a Lifestyle business You want have a recurring revenue model So that you are consistently making money Even when you are traveling or not working Even when you are not actively launching

6.1.3. In This Book How to build your subscription business 9 Different Subscription Models you can create Membership Website Private Club Model Mastering the psychology of selling subscriptions How to scale up a subscription based business How to reduce churn How can you expand/pivot your business into A subscription model

7. Book #4

7.1. Superfans - Pat Flynn

7.1.1. Subtitle Stand Out Grow Your tribe Build a Business

7.1.2. To build a great business You don't need to change the entire world But You do need to change someone's world

7.1.3. The Key to build a thriving lifestyle business Convert your subscribers, followers, leads Into Raving Fans

7.1.4. There is a process for converting your subscribers into Super Fans Pat Flynn shows you the way

7.1.5. Whether you are a Youtuber Podcaster Blogger Author Expert

7.1.6. 3 Step Process Casual Audience to Active Audience Active Audience to Connected Community Connected Community to Super Fans

7.1.7. Over 15+ Actionable Tactics to convert casual audience into superfans

8. Book #6

8.1. Launch - Jeff Walker

8.1.1. If you want to build a lifestyle business You need to learn how to launch your products And get your potential customers to buy

8.1.2. What if you could launch your product So that people are eagerly waiting to buy your products Just like they wait for Apple products

8.1.3. Jeff teaches his Product launch Formula The step by step guide for launching your products and services All about Using different types of content like

8.1.4. One of the most important lessons in the book Your List is your most valuable asset in your business List of Leads and Customers Your social media following and your other channels are not as powerful as the list. They can be taken away. They can be demonetized. Their policies will always change. Way too many times I see my Business Coaching Clients Obsess over the size of their Social Media following Savvy business owners know As Jeff says Your List is

8.1.5. Launch - Jeff Walker Book Summary (How to Launch a Product online)

9. Book #3

9.1. Build a Business Not a Job - David Finkel

9.1.1. If you are a lifestyle entrepreneur, the assumption is that You are the lone value creator in the business You are the lone warrior in the business Yes there are some Virtual Admins to help you with some of the tasks in the business But The business is ultimately dependent on you If you stop working

9.1.2. Unfortunately as a lifestyle entrepreneur You have effectively built a job for yourself A high paying job - but still a job A flexible job that allows you to work from anywhere - but still a job And you are shackled by this business

9.1.3. This book argues that if you want real freedom What I would call META level freedom Not Micro Freedom You will have to build a business That is independent of you

9.1.4. You might argue that your business is different/special And it's not possible to build your business independent of you = 1 of the most expensive limiting beliefs Costs you Money Freedom The more you think it is SPECIAL or you are special The more you get stuck

9.1.5. According to the Book, there are 3 Levels of Business Level 1 Startup - No Control, No Freedom Level 2 Owner reliant company Level 3 Owner Independent Company

9.1.6. This book will teach you How to build a business That is independent of you That will work without you That can grow beyond your personal contribution That can be sold for high multiples of revenue - if you so desire

9.1.7. Critical Mindset shift for going from Level 1 to Level 3 From seeing yourself as the Ultimate Doer, Producer and Creator of Value Driving Marketing Driving Sales Fulfilling Purchases ---> to seeing yourself as builder of business that will do all this w/o you You = temporary producer of the Product/service

10. Book #2

10.1. 1 Page Marketing Plan

10.1.1. As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur You have to Master your marketing So that you can consistently sell your products and services

10.1.2. Lessons from this book The 3 key components of a marketing campaign are: Market Message Media Get all of them right to maximize the effects of your marketing efforts To Effectively Market: Stop Selling and Start Educating When you constantly teach others how to solve their challenges and frustrations, they will start to believe that you know and understand their problem and have the ability to solve it. That’s when they sign up from being a lead to a customer. How to become a fast growth business? Make more offers The more frequent your offers, the higher the rate of your business growth. To grow your business, create marketing systems. This will allow you to consistently make compelling offers. Products make you money but systems make you a fortune. Most people don’t create systems (marketing system, sales system, product fulfillment system) because it’s not urgent, but you have to create and install systems if you want to make a fortune. Example

10.1.3. 1 Page Marketing Plan - Book Summary

11. Book #1

11.1. 4 Hour Work Week

11.1.1. This is the book that started the lifestyle Business Revolution

11.1.2. This book is the reason behind The 2000 Books Business Youtube Channel Podcast Everything in the business

11.1.3. It was the book that changed the trajectory of my life I came across this book When I was working 16 hour days I used to think that the only alternative to my job Was building a tech startup But this book completely changed my thinking about business and life

11.1.4. This book taught me that It was possible to build a business that Gives you the freedom to live the life you want to live Allows you to travel the world while running your business It was possible to build a business that gives you the freedom To work when you want And from wherever in the world you want You don't have to wait for retirement To enjoy your life To travel the world To experience life fully

11.1.5. Lifestyle Business design Lifestyle Design How to design your Life How to design a business to support that lifestyle Rather than designing your life around the constraints of your Job Career Business

11.1.6. BTW, 4 hour work week is not the Goal The Key is Having the freedom and flexibility to work 4 hours a week when you want to....

11.1.7. Just this year I spent months running my business While I was traveling through I don't think I could have done it without this book showing me the path

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