Digital Marketing for Aligned Code

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Digital Marketing for Aligned Code создатель Mind Map: Digital Marketing for Aligned Code

1. Products

1.1. OTT Video Platform

1.2. OTT TV Apps

2. Outstaff

3. Outsourcing

4. Content

4.1. Content Themes for OTT Video

4.1.1. Video content delivery for end users Devices Smart TV Tablets Computers Set-top-boxes Gaming Consoles Digital Media Players OS Apple TV Android Android TV Windows macOS Roku TV WebOC TizenOS IOS Amazon Fire TV Browsers Smartcast TV

4.1.2. Business models and monetize video content SVOD AVoD TVoD EST

4.1.3. Marketing Tools & Analytics

4.1.4. OTT Market Top OTT Content Providers Statistic and Analytics Top OTT Video Companies

4.1.5. OTT TV platform architecture

4.1.6. Technology New General

4.1.7. Questions from customers and sellers

4.1.8. Cases

4.1.9. Advertising content

4.1.10. Knowledge base

4.2. Semantic Core

4.3. Buyer Personas and Сompany Profile

4.4. Content Type

4.5. Places

4.6. Sales funnel stage and customer journey